Flycare offers personal service providers a unique solution that integrates a platform of contacts and applications, as well as through FlyBOX-all the equipment and consumables required to start the service. Triple Revolution: For a patient, a practitioner and a nursing specialist.
Unlock access to health care by offering new opportunities for Professionals (FLYPRO).Who did not dream to be treated directly at the dentist, in the office or on the weekend? Flycare re-invents home care as a viable alternative to service in the office. This project has received recognition: transportation of goods and all people. The bank and hotel industry have been transformed by linked objects and social networks. Today, however, home-based care is poorly adapted to new habits of care and consumption in the face of an increasingly flexible and mobile economy.

Flycare is an application that allows you to make an appointment in a simple way to get a home care. At the same time FlyBox is a material intended for home care, ergonomic, hygienic and adaptable to several specialties (dentistry, pedicure, hairdresser, etc. up to 21 years). Quality service for everyone, anytime, anywhere, at the best price, after a click.The combination of revolutionary equipment FlyBox, Flycare application and logistics platform allows to reproduce services. For caregivers, this is a complete, easy-to-use solution that allows you to perform new activities in parallel or completely without large investments. For a patient it is possible to get, at home or anywhere, quality care, competitive price without problems and arranging trips for all people and families.

Funded by two million of its own funds, this project will be launched in 2018. The industrialization phase has already begun. ERC20 tokens Flycare platform will use the FCC token as a means of payment.

Smart Contracts They rely on Blockchain technology to make their terms and conditions of execution unfair.

Transaction integrity Registration of transactions (in the FCC) will be carried out in an indestructible register, which will be used by all users, ensuring their constant traceability.

Automatic check The Flycare platform automatically verifies that the are met, and then the contract conditions are fulfilled (debit the client’s digital asset and credit Flypro).

Creation and Distribution of Tokens

1. Company intends to create 200,000,000 Tokens.
2. Of those, 130,000,000 will constitute the Sale Tokens available for purchase in the Token Sale (65%).
2. The maximum number of Tokens available for sale during the Presale is 32,500,000 (25% of tokens sold). The maximum amount of Tokens for sale at this stage is 97,500,000 (75% of tokens sold) accrued by the number of Tokens available for sale during the presale not having been sold during the Presale.
3. Any Sale Tokens unsold during the Token Sale will be destroyed (“burnt”).
4. The remaining 70.000.000 Tokens (35%) will be allocated as follows:
• 20.000.000 Tokens (10% of the Tokens) will go to compensate founders, team and early contributors (most of such Tokens will
be locked-up for a 12-month period, and their awarding will depend on the results of the crowdsale). Tokens not awarded shall be put back into a Reserve.
• flyCARE will retain 50.000.000 (25%) of the other remaining Tokens (the “Reserve”) for the operation of the platform, industrial partners, strategic incentives and subsequent fundraising rounds.
Token Sale Pricing, Terms, and Conditions

1. Price; Purchase Currency.

(a) Tokens will be priced in Ethereum (“ETH”).

(b) The base price of the FCC is fixed at 0.20 EUR for 1 FCC. The counter value of EUR 0.20 in ETHER will be fixed on the day of the Presale of the ICO launch date, i.e. May 14, 2018. The base price will be subject to a discount that will follow the schedule described in the following table:

Start End Discount
Level 1 May 14, 2018 May 27, 2018 20%
Presale starts
Level 2 May 28, 2018 June 10, 2018 15%
Level 3 June 11, 2018 June 17, 2018 10%
Crowdsale starts
Level 4 June 18, 2018 June 24, 2018 5%
Level 5 June 25, 2018 July 14, 2018 0%
Crowdsale ends

(c) Tokens can solely be purchased in the Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency. (i) Company will provide the address to which payments should be sent (the “Payment Address”) at a custom URL that purchasers will receive after completing the Information Form (as defined below). (ii) Company reserves the right to accept payment in other currencies on a case-by-case basis and at its sole discretion.

(d) The minimum token purchase amount is set at 0.1 ETHER.

(e) You will receive a number of Tokens equal to the ETH value paid by you divided by the applicable price per Token.

2. Soft Cap. If at the end of the Token Sale, the ETH value of total purchases does not exceed the equivalent in ETHER of EUR 1
million which will be converted into ETHER at the value of the token when the Presale is launched, the Token Sale shall be automatically cancelled and the Purchasers will have the right to claim the refund of all monies sent during the Token Sale by calling a method of the T oken Sale Smart Contract (with gas cost being incurred).

3. Token Sale Limit. The Token Sale will be halted once the 130.000.000 Tokens have been sold (the “Token Sale Limit”).

Product Flycare Road Map 2015

January 2015 Launch of the project Flycare/FlyBOX €100 000
March 2015 Completion of the brochure specification for Flycare, mechanical, electronic FlyBOX
June 2015 First design Flycare Apps and FlyBOX 200 000 €
September 2015 first prototype applications Flycare and FlyBOX €300 000
December 2015 second prototype of Flycare and FlyBOX applications

Road Map 2016-2017

June 16 launch of production of injection tools plastics and other materials for FlyBOX, total 25 800 000 euro
December, 2016 First Injection parts supply March 2017
Second confirmation of injection forms €1.2 million
March 2017 first new set of FlyBOX
April 2017 final review of the application Flycare and FlyBOX €1.5 million

Road Map 2017-2018

June 2017 launch of production FlyBOX €2 million
September 2017 Start purchases for mass production
November 2017 Project ICO started
March 1, 2018 Opening of the company Flycare in Brussels,Belgium €2.3 million
May 2, 2018 Opening of the Flycare and White Paper website

ROADMAP-2018 Continuation

May 7, 2018 the procedure of opening pre-sale 2 300 000 euro
May 14, 2018 begins the previous sale of coins ICO Flycare
June 11, 2018 major sales, ICO flycare currency July 14, 2018.

Close ICO Sales
September, 2018 Deployment in City 1


12 2018 Deployment in cities 2 > 5
01 2019 Deployment in Cities 6 > 10
03 2019 Deployment in cities 7 > 11
06 2019 Deployment in Cities 12 > 16
09 2019 Deployment in cities 17 > 21
12 2019 Deployment in cities 22 > 25
Flycare Leadership Team.


Flycare Central Team

GILLES COLLARD (lawyer and legal Counsel)

David Lamouruks (Head of business development, EMEA and Africa)
STEVE DEGOSSERIE (Master of Computer engineers in digital currency)

Computer science construction Engineer in Blokchane

JEREMIE MERCIER (Expert architect and full stack developer)

FLORENCE MULS (Press and Public relations adviser)


HUGUES MERTENS (Multidisciplinary IT specialist, cloud specialist)

Flycare Consultants 

Prof. NICOLAS VAN Zeebroeck

Professor of Digital economics and strategy at Solvay Brussels School

PAUL Bougnoux M & A and Corporate Council co-founder of Cryptolink Fund-ICO Expert


Managing Partner-marketing and communication consultant, Silver & Copper

DIDIER VANDEN BRANDE Founder-creative director, Silver and copper

John Peters, MBA, CPA

Certified Public Accountant financial consultant business consultant on strategy and strategy Explanation of video. For more information.

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