Arizn is a South African company with a passion for “Ubuntu” the essence of being human, since 2011 we have set about to effect as much socio-economic change as possible by developing an accountable, liquid and transparent crowdfunding platform.

Our History

The Arizn Project was started in 2011 and solidified as a proprietary limited company registered in South African in the year 2013.The original founders were initially involved in Venture Capital funding of large scale development projects with a focus on socio and economic development.As a company Arizn (Pty) Ltd. has always set about to effect as much change as possible.

We continue to work with government agencies and non profit organisations to develop frameworks that empower entrepreneurs in the SADC region, which includes five countries.We have been involved in many projects over the years and we have strong ties in the community, we have developed a network of over 300 location based Arizn community ambassadors.

Our grass roots involvement is key to or continued success in understanding and identifying development projects that affect the widest and most positive of change.We have helped restructure deals to secure re-investment in life sustaining projects that feed and provide jobs for thousands of people. We maintain these relationships today and have been providing free blockchain awareness and use case seminars to our partners since 2016.

Our Vision

We see a free and fair future that is based on transparency and accountability, a venerable utopia where good ideas are well packaged and showcased to the global crowd of potential backers. A network that transcends the normal constraints of traditional capital markets, one that rewards founders and backers equally. We believe that by empowering entrepreneurs with our platform we will improve the options of the average human being and speed up advancements in every commercial and non profit sector.

Our Mission

We will deliver a compliant, ethical and profitable platform, that ensures accessibility, liquidity and transparency throughout crowdfunding process and into the secondary token exchange market.


The crowdfunding market is a potentially lucrative but hazardous space. The major issue is related to the fact that there is literally a thousand or more crowdfunding portals or CFP’s. This means that the sector has a very wide focus, with greatly varying information and results. The issues in this space affect founders and funders equally but differently.

The major issues are:


Limited audience

Demanding campaigns

Lack of Investor confidence


The solution is simple crowdfunding needs blockchain and clever smart-contracts.

Our smart-contracts offer a range of products that tokenise equity, assets or loans to create compliant digital assets in exchange for funding a campaign on Arizn.

This means that founders, start-ups and existing businesses can tokenise their crowdfunding and create an attractive and liquid offering for potential backers.

These tokens are called ALT tokens, they represent Accountability, Liquidity and Transparency which are the core principle of Arizn.

A founder will use our intuitive wizard to create compliant smart-contract based crowdfunding campaign.

The contract is then submitted to the Ethereum blockchain and distributed onto millions of computers world wide making it immune to corruption and human tampering.

This unique smart-contract will generate ECR20 tokens in return for funds. These new tokens are minted automatically and sent to the backers wallet.

ALT tokens are instantly trade-able and can be used as a form of payment or instantly exchanged for any type of suitable value.

Features ARIZN

All the usual functions you would expect to see on the surface. All functions are carried out on Arizn but because the smart-contracts created for all campaigns are compiled to the main network they can be interacted with outside of Arizn. It makes sense that Arizn will be the platform of choice as users benefit from the pooling of the community
and the highly liquid market this activity creates.

The first step for any user on our platform is to get AALT tokens, the base currency of both platforms, Arizn and LiquiDEX. AALT tokens are used to fund campaigns and to pay for all additional services including trade fee’s at LiquiDEX.

1. Register/Login
2. Verify identity
3. Verify project
4. Create campaign – Set target amounts, incl. Soft cap, hard cap, equity issuance,
stake pr product tokenisation, vesting periods, loan repayments, governance profiles,
disbursement timeline, development/project goal stages, dividend and profit share.
5. Supply supporting docs
6. Community discussion platform
7. ALT Token wallet creation
8. ALT Token creation, minting and disbursement
9. Promotional add ons

We are running our token sale on Arizn so this gives our funders a chance to
experience the Beta version.

Our users create an account and verify their identity with our KYC/AML system. Once this process is complete they will have access to the platforms functions. They will use the wizard to upload their business plan, executive summary and any other supporting documentation including marketing material and official documents.

The wizard will walk a founder through our a series of questions that encompass ove 2000 variables. Once complete the wizard will generate and ECR20 smart-contract that is able to automate the crowdfunding campaign The contract will include a range of functions, features and rules that can be tailor made to create an advanced, automated and well thought out plan to not only funds the project but engages with backers and includes them in the project. This creates a truly connected relationship that will encourage the overall success of the project and not just the funding of the campaign.


Cost of 1 token AALT: 0.0001 ETH

Term of token sale: 60 days with the possibility of an automatic early completion in pursuing the final goals of ICO

Expanded goals after start of ICO: Impossible

Technical limitation of tokens: 1,200,000,000

Adjustable emission: Unsold tokens will be burnt

Secured ways to purchase tokens: Ethereum (ETH), fiat payments

Softcap: $2,000,000 (Target reached)

Hardcap: $25,000,000

Token Disbursement: 10 October 2018 (or 14 days after sale closes)

Arizn ALT Token (AALT): 0xb89cae06c883c48245795d70f19c91cfb1e46d23

Token distribution

Token sale : 70%

Reserved Funding : 3%

Founders and Team : 9%

Advisers : 3%

“Bounty” / Airdrop campaign : 15%

Softcap Allocation

27% Product Development

39% Marketing, sales, merchant acquisition & partnerships

12% Operations

6% Business Development

10% Management

6% External Legal

Hardcap Allocation

27% Product Development

19% Marketing, sales, merchant acquisition & partnerships

12% Operations

6% Business Development

10% Management

6% External Legal

20% Buyback Rounds and Exchange liquidity


September 2017

September 2017 – Complete Closed Beta testing deployed on Ropsten. Successfully deployed 4 ECR20 templates with wizard, wallet creation, buy from ICO/DAICO no issues.

June 2018

Deploy Beta version on Ethereum main network in ICO & social network mode, allow only AALT crowdfunding campaign to facilitate ICO sales.

December 2018

LiquiDEX deploy on Ropsten or open testnet / hackathon. More details TBA.

May 2019

Official launch of Arizn crowdfunding platform on mainnet, full feature launch day release.

March 2018

Closed Beta 2.0 deployed on Ropsten. Additional DAPP’s tested, asset shift (p2p), BTC, BCH, ZEC, LTC cold wallet testnet Successful.

November 2018

Open Beta 3.0 (Ropsten) Platform test, All ICO features will be available, create ICO/DAICO, ALT shift, ETH, ZEC, LTC, BTC, BCH wallet, 200+ ECR20 token wallet, Promotional features.

February 2019

Arizn full platform test deployed on Ropsten testnet, the final phase of testing.


Weston Chunda – Executive Director & Business Development Officer

Gerald Gunugluza – Executive Director & Legal Executive

Emmanuel Mbiya – Director & Legal Executive

Herculina Pentz – Director & General Manager

Esme Wade-Davis – Executive Director

Jamal Khanyile – Execeutive Director & Business Development Manager

Mandla Khanyile – Executive Director & Development Manager

James Nkosi – Executive Director & Compliance Manager

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