AstorGame Generate improved quality and generate added value for our clients

AstorGame Generate improved quality and generate added value for our clients


This article describes the technologies that will be implemented in AstorGame and
economic position that we strive for. We believe that it is necessary to offer the pleasure to our clients through quality products and services, thus making a profit and thus benefit investors and our clients. For this reason, we chose to work with advanced technology, such as contracts of blockchain and


AstorGame planning to utilize this new technology to produce quality improvements and generate added value for our clients, self build, at some point in the future, as a leading company in the global online gaming market, as well as be a model of efficiency, transparency, and security as regard the games, betting, and online fun.
AstorGame strives to be more than just a token that is traded and is used by investors to make a profit. AstorGame planning on being a company that is part of the established markets, and this is the way we want our investors and our clients want to see us. Our mendasarkannya on our values as a company to improve our stability and capitalization. Thus, the value of our assets will increase organically, and holder ofthe token we, who will also benefit from a rise in the value of the same, will also be able to enjoy solid annual dividends will be paid by Astorgame.

Smart Contracts (contract smart) and Provably Fair (fairness)\

It is possible that Provably Fair is already used in some online casinos, but not online casino offers both applied this technology on the same platform. It is the use of Highly Fair and CSRNG, which generates random numbers, does not warrant that the Casino will give you a gift legally or funds in accordance with these pots will not be lost. This is where smart contract becomes more important, because it can be programmed so that the pot the pot will be so sustained up to known whether a user has won the bet. If a user WINS, there is no way for the owners of the casinos to keep the pot or to defer payment, as happened in many houses of gambling
That is why we at AstorGame was the first to combine the two platforms to the profit of the client.

Platform Games Online

eSports games and tournaments
ESports bid (including the capacity to a direct bet )
Sports betting (including the capacity to a direct bet )
Casino games

The growth of the Global eSports

Amateur players represent a segment of the market with much potential, because they are large groups that are willing to invest by buying a videogame, make bets, and/or watch the game via video streaming audience Types represent a large percentage of the audience, which will grow into 191 million in 2017WEBSITE:

Occasional audience amounted to 194 million a year, generating a total of 385 million viewers that, in addition to attending the event, consume the product and place bets online.

Growth in Viewers eSports

Here we can see the potential and the business opportunities that exist in the

electronic sports sector

Sports betting and Online Casino

This is the second platform that forms the, where clients can do it bets on a wide variety of contest sports such as football, basketball, etc. We plan on providing a service that could compete at the global level will make it possible to puta live bet. Furthermore, the user will be able to enjoy a variety of

Online casino games like poker, blackjack, roulette, and slots. Bet direct allows the placement of bets in many markets and the placement of a bet stakes are innumerable number of every second of it. Also, web response time will be high, and events will be updated in real time. WHITEPAPER :

At AstorGame, we plan on offering efficient service, good chance, and real and immediate payment using smart contracts, we can offer this service to people around the world without the need for a third party to confirm bets and make payments and gifts transfer. If the bettor placing bets on football matches or boxing match, the platform will open the smart contracts and keep the stakes there. This will automatically verify the result, and in accordance with the prize pot will be transferred to the winner.

eSport & Online Gambling platform – Decentralized games, sports betting and Casino using blockchain, smart contracts + Provably Fair

For any other questions, not related to the bounty program, please visit AstorGame ANNAstorGame allocated 3% (or 3,000,000 ASTOR) of the total amount of ASTOR tokens to the Bounty campaigns pool.

The tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • Translation and Moderation – 20%;
  • Bitcointalk Signature Campaign – 25%;
  • Blog & Media Bounty – 25%;
  • Facebook Bounty – 10%;
  • Twitter Bounty – 10%;
  • Telegram Bounty – 5%;
  • Reddit Bounty – 5%

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