Our society is growing and the classic ways of renting property become obsolete. All processes are accelerated and simplified. The purpose of our platform is to simplify your life so you do not waste your precious time in unnecessary meetings. We save you time and money.

Modern society is moving inexorably forward. Today we can not imagine our life without using modern technologies. They have made adjustments in almost all areas of our lives. One such innovation is the crypto currency. Of course, its popularity is not as high as we would like. But the task of modern society is to propagate these benefits. There are many opportunities to use the crypt. Thus, more and more it was used in the sphere of renting and buying real estate. AvailCom is a platform that is designed to accelerate and simplify the process of renting real estate. Its main goal is to facilitate your life so that you do not waste your valuable time on unnecessary meetings, which entails saving money and time.

vailCom is a platform that will speed up the search and leasing of any property, whether it is an apartment or a car, and also will eliminate a lot of client’s intermediate actions.The rental market turnover reaches $200 bln per year, but the ways of renting property remain at a low level. Blockchain platform will allow any guest to negotiate and rent property free from the owner without bureaucratic delays thanks to the created eco-environment. The owner, in his turn, will be confident in protecting his property.

We do not have the upper hand in keyless turn in property – owners have the right to choose the method and the deadline themselves. Otherwise, they will lose most of the potential customers due to the complication.Developers of the platform AvailCom intend to combine private companies and individuals who are engaged in the rental of real estate and vehicles. Thus, providing convenience to its users, combining them all in one place, on a single platform.

The introduction of affordable payment methods for all types of services, including using crypto-currencies through its own payment system, will provide the project with additional profit and contribute to the development of the project.

Platform Advantages:

The platform works in such a way that owners and tenants can communicate directly, excluding all opportunities for outside interference. Intermediaries in the conduct of transactions are not complete. This helps to achieve the use of smart contracts. And Blokchan’s technology ensures the security and transparency of transactions.

Thus, the absence of intermediaries creates a healthy competitive environment, with acceptable prices for services. The platform provides for the possibility of interest-free rent if payment is made by token or crypto currency. To promote this will be a special bonus system for holders of AVL tokens on the internal purse of the AvailCom platform.

Of course, the project will not be limited to renting only. In the future, it is planned to conclude agreements on the provision of other important services, which will attract new customers: cleaning and cleaning services, karchering, as well as additional insurance services.


Private sales (AvailCom): August 15 – September 15, 2018
Private sales only through invitation list. Entries are from 5 ETH. After August 15, the minimum entry price is 10 ETH.
1 AVL = 0.03 $ (+ 50% token in private sale)
Personal sales goals: 800 ETH or $ 400 000
These funds will be used to manage Pre-ICO and DAICO, to complete platforms and products for the Alpha version release in August, as well as to provide legal support for the project.

The use of funds is at the end of DAICO

10% Operating costs include legal fees, unexpected small reserves and expenses
35% Platform and product development in accordance with project roadmap (if we reach HardCap more than 25%)
30% Business development. Conclusion contracts with companies and individuals, support and training from parties involved in the use of platforms, expanding influences and finding new partners.
25% Marketing and PR including advertising costs, media and local community creations to increase the number of users (if we reach HardCap more than 35%)
The AvailCom platform is not just a real estate or transportation lease, but a business development base in this field. As such, we changed the idea of ​​a regular lease term, transferring it to a new level. We make convenience more accessible!

Rincian ICO

In ICO, personal sales will be made. Period from 15 August to 15 September 2018. Funds collected during this period will be used for initial and public sales, as well as to launch an Alpha version of the platform.
Private sales will only be done on the invite list.
The minimum input is 5 ETH. After August 15, the minimum entry price is 10 ETH.

Symbol Token – AVL

Token fee: 1 AVL = 0.03 $ (+ 50% token in private sale)

Total volume of tokens issued is 2,200,000,000

Hard Cap – $ 25.000.000

Soft Cap – $ 3.000.000

Standard – ERC20 AVL

Minimum investment – 10 $

Maximum investment – 5 000 000 $

Pre-sale will start on October 15, 2018

ICO – 15 Desember 2018

The received crypto currency is BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH


4 quarter of 2017

  • Formation of Availcom idea and its main functions
  • Identify the main functions features
  • BLOCKCHAIN conference visit

2 quarter of 2018

  • Website creation
  • Developments Availcom-AE 1.0 and Availcom-AT 1.0
  • Documents preparation

4 quarter of 2018

  • Conducting Pre-ICO
  • Availcom platform startup ALFA
  • Run and test of the Availcom application for Android and iOS

2 semester of 2019

  • Expanding the functionality of the platform
  • Expanding the impact on the US market
  • Increase in the number of objects types for automatic rental

1 quarter of 2018

  • Market research
  • Formation of developers and researchers team
  • White Paper writing

3 quarter of 2018

  • Private sale
  • Developing Availcom platform
  • Develop an application for Android and iOS
  • Development of automatic access to leased property device

1 semester of 2019

  • Conducting DAICO
  • Run automatic access device Availcom-AE 1.0 and Availcom-AT 1.0
  • External floatation on exchange
  • Active platform Availcom advertising in the media and on the Internet.
  • Entering the US market
  • Working with security features
  • Search for new partners

2020 +

  • Development and optimization of additional rental systems
  • Increased platform impact
  • Implementation of intermediate services


Mikhail Sitnichenko

Founder, Operations CEO and CIO of the project AvailCom, 5 years in SEO and 7 years of CEO, successful management and launch of new business lines, strategic vision of projects. 3 years engaged in

Ivan Domanin

Founder, Financial Director CFO project AvailCom, 5 years worked as a financial analyst in the company FINAM. The last 2 years he is engaged in analytics in the field of crypto-currency. Sharpness and endurance

Anton Shamsivaleev

PR Director CMO project AvailCom, 6 years worked as a journalist and studied, experience as a PR manager for 10 years in large companies. Strategic thinker, effective non-standard

Ekaterina Goncharova

Design & Writer The designer and copywriter of the AvailCom platform, 9 years of experience as a designer, Catherine’s creativity and originality, will help to give a unique image to the platform.

Aleksey Suchkov

CTO CTO platform, since 2008 after graduating from the university worked in MTS and Acando, experience managing teams of developers and implementing complex projects, considers the block

Max Sorrentino

Blockchain Development Developer Blokchain AvailCom, rich technical experience in large project

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