Biometrids is a platform for identification using face recognition with a mobile device. Biometrids platform that allows people to identify themselves to other people who are using face recognition built into their phones. By using the great books are distributed, each person in the chain will be unique. One face means one ID and ID of each is unique. If you recorded in the chain once, you will not be able to manipulate the ID again or copy ID. This will prevent fraud and identity theft, and also will ensure users are who they say they are.

Our platform will bring identity into a new dimension. ID decentralization that will help people for free, and make the world a more trusted place. ID decentralization that will make you remain anonymous, but still ensures that you are. What if you someday will need to identify yourself, to use the internet? And people can vote, if you do a bad scam people? How it will change the internet in the future? There are many use cases for Biometrids. Read more in our whitepaper use cases when the release of between 15 and 20 November.

Facial recognition is quite complex. Here is a sneak peak into how we separate the face recognition system into pieces 4 to create a complete system.

We use machine learning to ensure face recognition. Although your appearance may be changed from time to time, the contours of your face will always remain the same. If a company or users need to identify you, they can send a request to Biometrids Your wallet. The request will appear on your screen and you just scan your face. This will validate the identity of the company or your users. We are building a platform that can carry out other blockchain projects. This can be a wallet, Bank, company, real estate partners, and much more. If the developer wants to use the wallet system, they only apply a fire; After that, you can use your face to login into your wallet and you will be able to pay them directly. The shops today have implemented a lot ofpurses, so it will be very simple to make the payment. Just scan your face and accept payment requested. And off you go. The same process will be used for public service. If you get stopped by the police, then just scan your face and your SIM they can read on their devices. List of opportunities goes on and on.

We have the solutions to solve the problems of identity at blockchain. Today we face the problem of General blockchain, with identity. KYC, which they are forced to by the Government. Therefore we need a decentralized identity, which can help solve this problem.

Blockchain is one of the biggest bets of the 21st century when it comes to identity.With the system contested, there is only one market to invest in ICO, this identification. Well, it’s gone. Since it was proposed by Biometrids, where, using his own smartphone, confirm your identity using something that no one in the world can

Copy: your face. The future has arrived, identification documents will soon be a thing of the past, buying our currency and be part of the future.

We will bring a new dimension to your identity. Decentralized id will help people for free, and make the world a more trusted place. ID decentralization that will make you remain anonymous, but still guarantee you. What if one day you have to identify yourself, to use the internet? And people can vote, if you fool people? How it will change the internet in the future? There are many use cases

Biometrids. Read more use cases in our whitepapers when launched between 15 and 20 November.

Token Sale

Token name is IDS. There will be a total of 100,000,000 IDS.

  • 5% will be sold in pre-ICO.
  • 5% for prizes and advisors.
  • 70% will be sold crowdsale.
  • 10% for the team.
  • 10% for foundation.

Pre-ICO will run for one week and the price is 910 IDS / 1eth. Crowdsale will run for four weeks and the price will be:

  • Week 1: 665 IDS / 1eth
  • Week 2: 550 IDS / 1eth
  • Week 3: 500 IDS / 1eth
  • Week 4: 450 IDS / 1eth
Pre-Ico and crowdsale will run until the end date, or until all the coins are sold. 10% for the team and 10% for the foundation will be locked up for three years. Any unsold coins during ICO will be locked for five years. After five years, they will be resold to the initial investor in a private fundraising campaign. They will not be sold on the exchange.

Biometrids Bounty Campaign



Our Bounty campaign runs from today until the end of ICO. During this period, you can earn stakes by completing the following activities:

Participants need to fill out the requested forms. (See below.)

The sheets will be updated every Wednesday. The Bounty poll will be paid within 3 weeks of the end of ICO.

Participants can take part in multiple Bounty campaigns.

There will be a total of 2.000.000IDS allocated for the Bounty campaign. If we reach 70% of our hardcap, we will add an additional million to the campaign (1%) to a total of 3.000.000 IDS. This means that if you earned 10.000IDS in the Bounty campaign and we reach 70% of our hardcap, you will receive 50% bonus to a total of 15.000IDS.

You can leave the campaign for a week and still get your stakes for other weeks. If you make five posts one week, from Wednesday to Wednesday, you will receive your stakes during that week, even if you don’t post the following week.

To receive the bonus, you must participate every week.

– No Spamming or insult.
– No double posting.
– Constructive posts!

You can participate in these channels:

– Facebook – 10% (minimum 100 likes/friends to participate)
– Twitter – 15% (minimum 100 followers to participate)
– Youtube – 15% (minimum 300 subscribers to participate)
– Bitcointalk – 25% signature campaign (minimum junior membership to participate)
– Translation and moderation – 15% (moderate the translated thread until the end of ICO)
– Articles (blog, medium steemit, etc.) – 15% (minimum 500 words per article)
– Telegram – 5% (join our telegram group)


Participate in 3 or more of our bounties, and get a 10% bonus added to you stakes!
If one of the 3 is our signature campaign, this will add 15% bonus to your stakes!

Note: Telegram Campaign is not a part of this bonus

Send us an email by clicking here include your bitcointalk username. And we will add your bonus to the sheets.

For more information, please visit:

Website|Official Thread|Twitter|Facebook|Discord|Telegram

my profile bitcointalk;u=1588149

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