BitFence Cyber ​​Security is a global intelligent contract-based Cyber ​​threat prevention system that offers a direct and unmatched advantage over existing network security solutions. In addition, in addition to the zero-day defense, BitFence also provides incentives (1) to those who deploy BitFence configure honeypots (2) to attract distributed hackers around the world. When a hacker breaks into BitFence Honeypots, the system captures and analyzes the attacker’s signature using specially designed Artificial Intelligence software and alerts / sends threat protection to all of its customers. For example, if a ‘A’ Company that is already a BitFence customer located in the United States is attacked by a hacker; customers of other systems residing in other regions (eg in Europe, Asia or Africa, etc.

Bitfence is a revolutionary platform that will use secure blockchain technology and a way to detect hackers by using scans from secure user ports that detect hackers of computer scientists called miners.
the miners not only detect hackers but also pay them for their hard work, providing new revenue sources, these miners can you and me who will voluntarily join another bitfence to help stop hackers, miners will be paid using an official bitfence token called HNY, this will enable a better and more reliable market. after reading this bitfence definition you will see that bitfence is unique platform.

The Only – The Only Defense in the Maya World

  1. Better protection from hackers at a lower cost. We take care of your security, so you can concentrate on developing your business.
  2. BitFence offers the most efficient and cost-effective protection from hackers compared to FireEye, McAfee, RSA and others.
  3. The protection provided by BitFence will block high risk hosts, malicious payloads, viruses, malware, suspicious addresses automatically in seconds worldwide after the threat is “mined” by our StingMiners network and the risk is assessed with BitFence Engine.


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PROBLEM: 100% of companies in the world are getting attacked by the hackers and the average detection time is 256 days (2015 Ponemon Report) leading to enormous economic and privacy damages. Similar attacks repeated against multiple targets before they are detected, understood and mitigated.

SOLUTION: BitFence Detects, deflects, and counteracts attempts at unauthorized use of information systems and gives your security team an unfair advantage over hackers.

HOW IT WORKS: Community members “mine” hackers by running honeynet nodes are rewarded with HNY tokens. We correlate information together and provide 0-day threat feeds to customers who can purchase subscription with HNY tokens. Patent pending.

Better protection from hackers at lower cost. We take care of your security, so you can concentrate on growing your business.

BitFence offers the most efficient and cost effective protection from hackers compared to FireEye, McAfee, RSA and others.

Protection provided by BitFence will block high risk hosts, malicious payloads, viruses, malware, suspicious addresses automatically within seconds everywhere around the globe after threat is “mined” by the network of our StingMiners and risk scored with BitFence Engine.

HNY Utility Token Sale (TGE)
Token Type
Token Minting Model
No pre-mint, minted on demand
Accepted contribution methods
Absolute Max number of HNY minted
1 billion
Maximum HNY available during TGE
50% or 500 million
Soft Cap
2,000 ETH
Maximum Hard Cap
65,000 ETH
Base HNY Price
1 ETH = 6000 HNY


AI and Machine Learning
2015 – 2017 | AI Classification Engine Created

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First artificial intelligence classification engine using supervised learning models created. Initially designed to classify EDC medical data engine was applied to analyze cybersecurity threat data (logs, packet capture) and produced incredible results.

HoneyNet on a Blockchain Created
Q2 2017 – Q1 2018 | First successful POC

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Core team successfully created and peer reviewed fully functional proof of concept of HoneyNet, soon to become BitFence. First prototype of StingMiner IoT device created based on Raspberry Pi micro single-board computer.

HNY Token Pre-Sale Starts
April 1, 2018 – May 1, 2018 00:00:00 UTC

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HNY token pre-sale. MVP development.

Main TGE Event (HNY Token Sale)
May 1, 2018 – July 1, 2018 00:00:00 UTC

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Main TGE event. MVP development.

MVP Launch
Q3 2018 BitFence Engine and StingMiner

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Launch of BitFence ecosystem MVP with basic subscription services. Enterprise firewall and F5 integration. Initial rollout of StingMiner solution. Start of channel marketing to top enterprise integrators.

Release of BitFence CyberStore
Q4 2018 BitFence Threat Marketplace

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BitFence releases CyberStore with software and hardware solutions available for purchasing with HNY tokens. BitRouter release. Marketing wave and start of Enterprise sales.

Release of BitFence Personal Firewall
Q1-Q3 2019 Personal and Mobile Firewall Release

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A BitFence solution that can be installed on any stand-alone Windows/OSX/Linux computer to protect it from hackers is released. SDK to integrate threat intelligence data in iOS and Android mobile apps released.

Industrial Embedded IoT Solution
Q4 2019 Integration with SCADA ICS Infrastructure

BitFence ICS Solution specially targeted for supervisory control and data acquisition control system architecture used in all industrial systems including manufacturing, process control, power generation, fabrication, and refining.


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