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cPay is a multifunctional system that includes a lot of services aimed at developing transparent trade and profit making by all parties and recognizing crypto currency as a single convenient digital means of payment around the world. The main service of cPays is a payment system based on a crypto currency through the network around the world, which allows increasing the liquidity of markets and reducing the volatility of rates. Also cPay provides the possibility of instant exchange of leading crypto currency among themselves with the maximum level of protection and reliability. cPay is designed to accelerate the integration of crypto currency at a daily cost and to protect users from risks when buying goods and services.



The cPay ecosystem will eliminate the gap between classical banking transfers and the world of digital cryptographic technologies, creating an entirely new environment of investment opportunities.

Our priorities are the convenience and financial security of buyers and sellers, and our mission is integration of payments by crypto-currencies into everyday life and become a full-fledged analogue of the Visa and Mastercard system in the developing cryptoworld.

We create an honest and absolutely transparent cPay service for buying and selling transactions that will help integrate crypto-currencies into the real economy, and through our own BlockChain we will protect the finances of buyers and sellers.


The market is huge. Even now, when there are less than 5% of the world’s population in the cryptoworld, it already ranks about $ 500 billion, and in the future more and more new users will go on to it and it will grow exponentially and our task is to become the first in your niche and dynamical ly develop in the ever-changing cryptoworld


Creation of a crypto-currency payment system designed for global expansion which includes many different aspects, including state permits and licenses for the exchange of crypto-currency in countries where this sector is regulated by Law, as well as technologies , accession to all sorts of unions and payment networks. Below you can find a step-by-step plan that covers the main levels of our activity based on the results of the ICO. Each level of the ICO is conceived as the basis for the next one and will be implemented taking into account the market reaction to our ideas. The main, although not the only, items for spending funds received at the ICO will be the development and maintenance of technology services, as well as marketing and promotion, the acquisition of licenses, the increase of the talented team. The cPay system will cooperate with partners and international payment systems for converting crypto-currencies into national currencies.

Three difference of cPay

It is important that once again shows that we are a technological project:

  1. Working prototype
    The cPay system has its already working prototype, which allows you to pay for goods in the real world with cryptocurrencies, which has been operating in Europe for several months already.
  2. Full-fledged Blockchain
    The cPay system has its full-fledged Blockchain, and not simple, but based on DASH code, complex code, with unique voting capabilities, hidden transactions, etc.
  3. Conduct preICO on its own base
    The cPay system conducts preICO on its own base, developing a technology for selling coins in relation to the rate of the desired fiat currency, or to another cryptocurrency, but for many other cryptocurrencies (begin with Ether, LiteconCash, Bitcoin)

ICO Details

General information

Token: cPay

Platform: Ethereum

Standard: ERC20

Quantity: 29,000,000 cPay

Price: 1 cPay – 0.1 EUR

Payment: BTC, ETH, LCC

Soft cap: 1,000,000 EUR

Hard cap: 2,900,000 EUR


The cPay project is based on needs of crypto-currencies integration into the real economy, in order to realize its original purpose of being a means of payment. Demand for project services will increase every year

  1. Stability
    The development of the cPay system and the connection of new outlets will create a steady demand for cPay coins
  2. Reserve fund
    Reserve fund in cPay coins will support the liquidity of the project
  3. Using MasterNodes
    Each owner of coins cPay starting from certain amount will have the opportunity to create MasterNodes and vote in the cPay forum for further development of the project
  4. Investment opportunities
    Interested users of cPay service will receive cPay coins for preICO at a price much lower than at the moment of launching a full-fledged service, which gives them significant savings when using the “cPay” service and the opportunity to earn further on the system as shareholders.


Anton Yerashov

Marco Geras
Concept Director

Roman Smolyakov
The developer of the blockchain systems

Timur Ivchenko
Web Developer

Andrey Oblivantsev

Sergey Dumansky
Representative in Marbella

Denis Bochkarev

Glikeria Mintel
Concept Designer

Ivan Lomakin
Community Manager

Thow Kong
Chinese PR

Junko Wakabayashi
Japanese system representative

Elena Belousova
Crypto Investment Spain


Glyn McLean
Advisor on Global Trade Lead and influential

Adam Brown
Developer and sequential Full-Stack developer

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