It was founded on October 11, 2007, radio station CyberFM is based in the United States where you can listen to music anywhere in the world and also has programs that discuss about sports and comedy. This time, they intend to enter the crypto world where they give you a free token MFTU and CYFM because it’s against the law to have the ICO in the country. CYFM and MFTU has a different use case you can check the website for more info

Station CYBERFM will also have a future program will discuss currency crypto and where this program ICO will be able to advertise and they can use CYFM as a token payment.Today’s post is about sharing the knowledge filtered from one crypto-mission ‘ explore ‘ me last week to seek quality Airdrops. EOS all the way! -With the exception of, today for efforts supported by the Ethereum cryptocurrency ERC-20. I’ll explain why in a post today and how you can join. CyberFM (CYFM) and Mainstream For The Underground (MFTU) has a well thought out campaign was a campaign matures. Fun to complete tasks assigned and is also beneficial. Link to the Airdrops and explanations of what you can get below in subsection MFTU.

Today about crypto and music, both CyberFM and MFTU industrial music group have formed from continental United States. They have combined the power of online to complement their respective agenda: to build a crypto-based music community connecting artists, music lovers, and crypto technology through a system of great books are distributed.

For Music Listener’s: this is the place for listeners to access music that is usually not available in “Mainstream.” all direct and all free to be heard! This past week I keep handy your bookmarks at the top of my web browser, so I can easily connect and listen to when I’m working. They have 5 channels of musical genres in their arsenal to be enjoyed the music lovers and they meet a variety of musical tastes: Xtreme Free4All CyberFM, Country, Rock Radio, Streetz, The CrossHere you can download the application by Shiny Smartphones CyberFM.. At the time of this writing is still rolled out in several international store of Apple. I’ve tried-but not yet available in New Zealand or Australia. In a conversation with one of the founders, JTylee @ HottWeelz about Strife CyberFM, I conclusively say that it has been implemented and is being processed by Apple (at time of writing). It will be available outside the United States in the near future. Android users don’t need to worry-this function anywhere.

Token Utility

Based on the Howey Test, the intention of both tokens are strictly to be used as a universal currency, which are internationally accepted. This token has no role in the profit and success of the company “Cyber-FM” which is 10 years old, located in one of our web sites. In addition, this token is not sold on the web site-based CyberFM. There is no Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) that is planned or required for one token.
Smart contracts we apply ERC-20 standard token using the library of OpenZeppelin, which has been reviewed and tested thoroughly. In addition, our token contract has been professionally audited by the experts at Quantstamp.

We protect the public from all attacks and just save your password in hash using bcrypt. Our web site traffic completely goes over an encrypted SSL/TLS (https). The source code has been independently reviewed by a security engineer security by any third party. Hunter2 also have reviewed the code base and provide ongoing security training to our engineering teams to stay abreast of the latest developments about best practices in security.

The CYFM Token represents regulatory compliance in digital form for artists that are currently registered with local representation. Examples include: BMI in the U.S. and SOCAN in Canada. The CYFM Token will be used at all times for payment to ALL government regulation agencies worldwide.

Since Mobile devices and the Internet have changed how music is broadcast throughout the world. Most countries enforce a royalty payment method via government regulation to insure that Musicians and Artists are compensated for the use of their performances.

The company have created an open-source online royalty payment model with peer-reviewed information available worldwide through a distributed ledger system. This Dual Token Ecosystem is named as the CyberFM “CYFM” token and named as the “MFTU” token for “Mainstream For The Underground.”

This ecosystem represents a universal, international currency that will compensate all artists and performers across the world! The aforementioned will be compensated regardless of individual membership to their respective Performance Rights Organization. However additional perks, rewards and income will be available when these members fully adopt our system.

Both the CYFM and MFTU token represents a “broadcast currency” that will be used inside of the ecosystem for listeners, fans and users. For example, listeners may win CYFM tokens in a radio contest, they may use the tokens to purchase premium memberships for song-skipping, on-demand downloads, commercial free streams and other benefits.


CyberFM Tokens are created to replace traditional forms of payment in the food industry. Changing the trend of “cash payment” CyberFM Token will through the mobile application is provided to customers quickly and safely. Problems with card payments will no longer be available. Customers are more comfortable when coming to restaurants or anywhere in the world.

How to work on CyberFM project

Through the mobile application CyberFM will be used as a way to pay in the food industry. In all areas, customers always want a fast and secure payment gateway. To solve the problem, the project dev team is building a fast and convenient mobile application that will be available for both Android and iOS.

Steps taken by a customer:

Step 1: Security Algorithm with email confirmation, authentication and OTP verification

Step 2: KYC is required for all users  whether he is the client or the owner.

Step 3: Create invoices for each transaction

Step 4: Acceptable in many countries

CyberFM Features

Security Gateway
CyberFM is based on the concept of Ethereum blockchain, making it safer to transact through third parties

CyberFM Token is affordable in the initial offering, but the team has a design. Plan for their success in terms of price. The project wants to make CyberFM accessible.

Ease of Use
Ethereum-based CyberFM coins allow them to begin trading without additional procedures.

Big Data Details
We have analyzed the market conditions and integrated successful strategies with our project to accomplish the estimated goal.


Technology and get instant

cash and kinds of gifts and other rewards

can be converted CyberFM into a currency other (Fiat & Crypto)

Updates and latest news about the code CyberFM as well as market conditions

Foundation CyberFM platform

The team is coming with a very unique concept that will make CyberFM very popular and usable in the digital world as well as reality. Ambition has become the largest payment platform in the food industry in Asia. To achieve this goal, the Group makes the platform as flexible as possible by providing all favorable conditions for digital payment. Even customers can receive rewards and other benefits to keep their CyberFM wallet. We are researching such features. It will benefit both the customer and the owner.


This project has been functioning for a long time, has millions of users around the world, and is also increasingly helping to popularize crypto currency and bring it to the masses. The service even has its own application. The platform interested me with its openness and simplicity, and encouraging in the form of tokens for winning contests is an excellent motivation for users. Their token is officially registered, which, undoubtedly, is a plus. For new musicians, this is a chance to prove yourself by downloading music to the platform.

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