The CYBR Ecosystem is a complete cybersecurity solution for a blockchain that provides secure intelligent transactions through a portal designed to provide security, countermeasures and real-time threats to the CYBR community, as well as other cryptographic objects and exchanges that rely on our cybersecurity.

CYBR is an ecosystem based on BlindSpot, CYBR’s proprietary, powerful security engine that identifies and disrupts a bad actor and the associated illegal file activity that aims to affect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of transactions with a crypto-intelligent contract.
CYBR commercializes and monetizes emerging intelligence threats, turning data into reasonable actions. CYBR users are awarded CYBR tokens for their contribution to intellectual intelligence in the CYBR ecosystem.

The CYBR Ecosystem includes a web portal in which users of the CYBR (community) are registered to secure secure intellectual transactions. The portal offers many features, including threat alerts, checking addresses and websites, sending / receiving tokens, downloading BlindSpot and support, including frequently asked questions, and access to the current, known and emerging threats from the patented CYBR database. This portal provides real-time guarantees, countermeasures and threats to the CYBR community, as well as other cryptographic objects and exchanges.

The Vision And The Visionary

“We invest in people, not ideas.” – A maxim of venture capitalists.
CYBR’s founder, Shawn Key (detailed biography and related links under “Team” at cybrtoken.
io) is a cybersecurity veteran of some notoriety. He is attributed as the person first described
as an “ethical hacker,” based on an article in a governmental trade magazine.2 The term
presaged the popular “white hat hacker,” by more than a decade after Shawn successfully
found his way into numerous federal networks in 1999.

Shawn’s facility and acumen in the field were widely noted and his early contributions to “information security” aka “information assurance”, were seminal. A few years later, the
industry would become known as “cyber security.”

Some of his early work included one of the first patch management solutions, which was
acquired by a company that eventually sold to IBM for some US $500 million. He quickly
garnered a reputation as someone who could “see around the corner.

Mission Critical

There is a pressing need to dramatically reduce the average time of detection in identifying
and contending threats. Without this, the adoption of DLT hangs in the balance.The implementation of a proactive defensive as well as preventive approach to cybersecurity is sorely lacking in the space. CYBR seeks to solve that problem.

CYBR’s mission is to provide a seamless continuum of threat security and establish a gold standard of cybersecurity on the blockchain.

CYBR Ecosystem

• Identifies and disrupts evolving threats to blockchain-based transactions.
• Detects advanced and polymorphic threats that seek to circumvent detection by
existing safeguards and countermeasures.
• Ensures safe transactions by vetting token addresses.
• Near synchronous feed of information: emerging threats, new attacks, phishing
sites, bad actors and more.
• Two years of development with current product sales .
• Automated and scalable

Web Portal

The CYBR Web Portal serves as the CYBR Community User Interface (UI) for the Ecosystem
solution. It offers a holistic solution that ensures the cyber security of smart contract associated transactions and its threat intelligence can be used to contribute to the security of the blockchain. There are numerous features and capabilities associated with the CYBR Web Portal. At a high level, they include:
1. Threat Intelligence
2. Verification
3. Token Sending/Receiving Capability
5. Support Page
These are currently broken down into subset capabilities, which include:

1. Threats
a. New Threat Advisories
b. Search Threat Intelligence Database
c. Threat Intelligence Feeds
ii. Partner Feeds

2. Verification

3. Verify Token Address

4. Verify Website

5. Send/Receive
a. CYBR Wallet Details
b. Send Tokens

6. Download BlindSpot
a. Windows
b. OSX
d. IOS
e. Android

7. Support
a. FAQ
b. Knowledge Base
c. Contact Us

ICO details

General information

Token: CYBR

Platform: Ethereum

Standard: ERC20

Quantity: 1,000,000,000 CYBR

Price: 1 CYBR = 0.08 USD

Payment: Eth

Soft cap: 2,000,000 USD

Hard cap: 15,000,000 USD



Start: 10/15/2018

Completion: 11/30/2018

CYBR Functionality

Aerial Overview
• CYBR threat intelligence protects subscribers from malicious attacks.
o Guards against Zero Day attacks and advanced persistent threats.
• CYBR can incorporate with existing networking, be it customized or out of the box, with
limited configuration changes.
• CYBR’s threat landscape meets regulatory and compliance standards.
• CYBR’s B2B partners provide proof of concept to individual users.
• CYBR is poised to deliver a B2C solution to “normies” entering the space.

Community and Token
• CYBR’s community are global watchdogs for the network.
• CYBR’s community provides a key utility for the CYBR token.
• Contributors can earn CYBR tokens for identifying verified, evaluated risks.
• Allocations are contingent upon “degree of difficulty,” and level of threat.

• CYBR’s BlindSpot, data feed and community shall prevent, detect and respond to
qualified threats.
• CYBR’s compendium of threat intelligence shall be continuously updated and deployed
to subscribers.
• CYBR’s solution a seamless continuum of threat detection that integrates with
existing networks, irrespective of customization.

CYBR’s Heartbeat
CYBR’s BlindSpot software is currently powered by a fuzzy logic engine that will also incorporate
the latest in AI and machine learning technologies to maximize pattern matching and
heuristics capabilities.

• Fuzzy logic guards against APTs and identifies threats using proprietary weighted algorithms. (Much like a drone were it properly used)
• Support Vectors/Predictive Modeling o Vectors of attack continuously change

While understanding yesterday’s attack can be helpful, it does not guard us against
tomorrow’s. Thus the need for technologies that can “time travel.”


2Q 2016-2Q 2018
East Coast (Va.) Office opened – BlindSpot Enterprise Solution developed and thoroughly tested – larger pilot projects launched – sales of businesses generate revenue

2Q 2018
Completed detailed design description for the CYBR Ecosystem — over 30 million unique digital identifiers added to the BlindSpot database — software as a service model (SAAS) is redeveloped for a block chain, and CYBR Ecosystem Testnet begins development — CYBR utility generates tokens

3Q 2018
CYBR Private Sale Opens

4Q 2018
IoS and Android client development will be completed. The development of Web App, API and IoC will be completed, the installation of CYBR Testnet will be completed, and BlindSpot will be available to users of Windows, Mac and LINUX – CYBR Token Generating Event (TGE)

1Q 2019
CYBR Main Net will start – CYBR will be included in the list of best exchanges for global trading

2Q 2019
Integration of multiple data providers for data collection; (some partnerships have already been created) – integration of platforms and structures of AI and machine learning into the CYBR ecosystem (some already existing partnerships)

3Q – 4Q 2019
CYBR will globally globally disrupt and dominate the vertical markets for antivirus and malware codes.

Technological path assessment / market conditions; drive CYBR on as many global market verticals as possible.


Shawn key
CEO, President

Cpt. Savio gomez
Primary ICO Advisor

Arnel guiang
Director, Technical Development

Mark Stanwyck
Ecosystem and Technology Advisor

Frank corsi
Chief Technical Officer

Todd helfrich
Advisor / Investor

Rich berkley
Investor Relations / Social Media

David Donnenfeld
ICO Advisor

Adam peterson
Director of Marketing Operations

Gregor schade
Advisor – European Business Development

Darron Tate
Public outreach

Dr. Gerald “Skip” Lawver
Advisor – Cyber ​​Security

Devin leshin
Advisor – Branding

Kim moyer-crabtree
Public Relations

Hunter key
Economics analyst

Bamigbola damilare
Social Media – Africa

Rhose hassan
Social Media – Philippines


The CYBR ecosystem is a holistic cyber security solution for block chains that ensure safe operation by providing countermeasures and security measures. Therefore, you should carefully review all the details of the project and decide whether to purchase the cards. To better understand and decide the project, I suggest you review the information from the links below.

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