EthereumONE desires to form a distinction which is what this project and mission are concerning. Our aim to form a distinction for all the those that don’t have a checking account. Ethereum ONE could be a cryptocurrency and a suburbanized project, and that we would like to see folks and businesses around the world to adopt what our project would do to assist them, especially taking management of their own funds. The blockchain is one in all the foremost superb innovations in our time period and we’re still within the early part, we tend to believe and trust on blockchain and apprehend the potential and what it will rouse the three billion folks with no checking account within the world.

The team of behind contains a background within the following areas: Blockchain development, Banking, and marketing we’ve got an excellent insight in banking and that we apprehend what the challenges are, that many folks face once gap a checking account nowadays. if you’re a developer please reach out, EthereumONE we will continuously use the additional hand. and we’ve got core developers that are active in alternative crypto comes and this talent can facilitate USA develop LitecoinONE and take the USA to succeed step, that goes to be our own blockchain resolution.


The founders of EthereumONE envision a future wherever EthereumONE is widely accepted as a way of payment altogether countries and has become a vital a part of the normal economic system. They see a world wherever everyday operating folks will store the worth of their labor in an exceedingly secure unit valuable known as EthereumONE. EthereumONE becomes the de-facto world currency, utilized by banks, insurers and everyday commerce, contributive to a resistance world of commerce, wherever shopping for and merchandising is currently greatly expedited because of EthereumONE.


Ethereum One, has the following key benefits:

Borderless – It canbeconverted into a local fiat currency from anywherein the world

Low maintenance – No transactions fees are deductedto maintain a balance

Portability – Ownershipis stored and accessible world wide onethereum’s network

Security- Accountbalanceisretrievedusinganowner’ssecure private key

A store of value – The total supply is capped and does not erode in value

Affordability – At the current price it is affordable


Name: Ethereum One



TOTAL SUPPLY: 70 million

Platform: Ethereum (ERC-20)

HARDCAP: $3 million

SOFTCAP: $1 million

Token Distribution

35 million for the sale of tokens

14 million for the Development

14 million for the Bounty & Airdrop

7 million for the team



EthereumONE At the top of 2018 we tend to ar reaching to launch Associate in Nursing APP which can support our payment resolution, therefore all will use and pay with EthereumONE round the world as long as they need a mobile. moreover, in 2019, we tend to are launching our own suburbanized Exchange and additionally launching virtual cases, therefore, you’ll have your Ethereum ONE safely keep in your own wallet on your laptop ar on mobile. we tend to encourage to require a part of this project and that we want to facilitate in an exceedingly wide selection of areas type support, development, project ambassadors and additional Thanks for reading our whitepaper if you have got any queries or if you’d wish to participate during this project, please reach bent on USA.


The team of behind has a background in the following areas Blockchain development , Banking and marketing. We have a great insight in banking and we know what the challenges are, which many people are facing when opening a bank account today.

Further we have core developers which have been active in other crypto projects and these skill will help us develop us to the next step , which is going to be our owen blockchainsolution. If you are a developer please reach out, we can always use extra hand.


At the end of 2018 we will launch the APP that will support our payment solution, so that everyone can use and pay with the EthereumONE around the world as long as they have a cell phone. Furthermore in the year 2019 we launched our own decentralized Exchange and also launched the virtual wallet so you can have Your ONE Ethereum stored safely in your own wallet on your computer on your mobile phone. We encourage to take part of this project and we need help in many areas of support, development, Ambassador project, and much more.


Website : http://ethereumone.website2.me

Whitepaper : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pbPpHQqbzk2v5OqoVqjvIQLmNAzKPdfu

ANN : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5060603

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Ethereum_One1

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Ethereum-One-298187350968382

Telegram : https://t.me/Ethereum_one

Author : Upik05

Telegram : Upik05

BTT username : upik05

BTT Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2205131

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