The buying and selling of alcoholic liquor is one of the major aspects of the economy that receives the least attention when it comes to the world of Blockchain technology. The people producing the drinks are faced with a lot of limitations in marketing of the alcoholic product. When you visit some countries you will discover that the sales of alcoholic drinks are forbidding. It is also observed that those producing the alcohol, the people selling it and the people that drink the alcohol do not really have a channel of communication. The sellers of the alcoholic drinks, those operating restaurant, bars find it difficult to open new outlet and woo more customers.

The consumers of alcoholic drink that is the buyers also find it difficult to select a good and quality brand of alcohol from a wide range of drinks displayed for sales they end up making choice of the fake and adulterated drinks it was as a result of all these problems that made a team of experts to come up with a lasting solution, which is the GESE platform.

Gese is a platform that brings together the three stakeholders involved in the alcoholic business. The stake holders are producers, the sellers, and the consumers. Gese is a community that is designed for the consumers of alcoholic products that want to be sure of the quality of goods they buy, that the local establishments are advancing within the platform and brands that use the platform have access to their targeted audience.


The main challenge that is faced by any potential buyer or consumer is choosing the product with the best combination of the price and consumer qualities. Alcoholic drinks are not the essential goods, hence they are purchased from time to time.

Thus , a typical buyer purchases alcohol irregularly in most cases. As a consequence of this, it is difficult for the buyer to make the right choice: one has to focus only on the general description of the product on the label, the price of the goods and peer recommendations. In this case, the buyer does not have the opportunity to quickly learn about product range and prices in different stores. The abundance of counterfeit alcohol further complicates the situation. As a result of this, the consumer or the buyer has to solve several complicated tasks which is to:

  • choose a drink that matches their taste preferences;
  • search for the desired drink at local stores,
  • compare prices at different points of sale,
  • Authenticate the product.

None of these existing tools allows the consumer or buyer to solve these problems quickly. Excises and other methods of certification communicate only the safety level of the product but not its flavor. The search for reviews on numerous Internet sites is time consuming. Obtaining a quick comparison of product prices, their availability at nearby stores and authenticating them becomes close to an insoluble problem.


GESE is the solution that builds a community of enthusiasts and also creates a worldwide database of alcoholic beverages. The Gese project helps the buyers to find quality goods on store shelves, in pubs and restaurants. At the heart of the GESE platform is the idea of quick access to information about the authenticity and taste of the product, which the client is going to buy here and now. To implement this concept, the team is creating a worldwide database containing facts and opinions about all alcoholic beverages.

A social platform has also been created with reward payments for activity. Gese is a social platform in which users can share their opinions about products, publish posts on their own blogs, and comment on the entries of other participants. The users get rewarded in cryptocurrencies for any activity in the system.


Gese is a project created specifically for the liquor market. It contains information about the manufactured products and serves as a platform for building a thematic community. Maintanance of the system requires the blockchain technology posessing two key properties which are high bandwidth and scalability and the ability to work with smart contracts.



As we know, the problems in the market are nothing but the following:

  1. Manufacturers lose money due to the distribution of counterfeit products;
  2. Brands can not effectively promote their goods due to legislative limitations and low efficiency of existing tools;
  3. Local vendors have difficulty finding new customers;
  4. Manufacturers of handicraft products cannot attract investment for the execution of their projects;
  5. Consumers are faced with the problem of choosing quality products in convenient and affordable locations.

Therefore, gese present solves this problem by creating authentication of goods, assessment systems and reviews, Information on product availability and pricing, Social Platform with prize payments for activity and Accounting for the benefit of all market participants.

Because gese is a tailor-made project for the market that contains information about products produced and serves as a platform for building thematic communities. Maintenance systems require blockchain technology that has two key properties:

  • High bandwidth and scalability;
  • The ability to work with smart contracts.

At the base of the platform, Gese puts the original blockchain. It operates with the help of the «Proof-of-authority» consensus mechanism (PoA). This mechanism has proven itself in the Graphene platform, which is also used to create large communities like Steemit. In fact, PoA is a modified mechanism of the Proof of Stake consensus (POS), in which the role of miners ensuring the security and availability of networks is done by validators. This principle of operation allows the creation of new blocks on the circuit for short periods of time. Currently, the average generation time of the block is 5 seconds. As a result of the platform analysis, Gese developed a boundary solution that adopted the best economy and speed features of the POS blockchains as well as the smart contracts of the Ethereum platform along with its ERC standards. Products developed by gese combine the advantages of these two blockchains to provide the best solution for managing tasks:

  1. From the POA architecture, platforms inherit the speed and logic that enable it to perform a comparable number of transactions, limited only by the technical characteristics of the equipment, not by the software platform itself;
  2. Of the Ethereum platform adopts the security of financial transactions and transactions, guaranteed thanks to smart contracts.

That is the explanation of Gese that I can convey. hopefully useful for all of us.


The Gese platform is built on one of the fastest types of blockchain. All system payments and wallets are stored within the platform’s blockchain. Users can use their wallets to store platform’s native tokens as well as tokens created within the system by other users. The platform allows to instantly transfer funds from one wallet to another as well as use these funds for payment within the system or applications that work with the Gese API. All types of currencies can be traded on the internal crypto-exchange.


The gese platform uses three types of tokens for payments inside the system and beyond:
• The main token [GSE];
• The second token [GSEE].
• Users’ tokens
Key token functions [GSE]:
• Purchase of the internal token [GSEE];
• Payments for bounty programs;
• Trading on external exchanges;
• Promotion of posts;
• Payments for NFC-tags;
• Receiving bonuses for activity in the system, delivery of used containers.

The internal token [GSEE] is sold only on the internal Gese exchange. The cost of [GSEE] is tied to the dollar rate and does not depend on the price fluctuations of the token [GSE].
The function of the internal token is the ability to write and like posts and comments, etc., this type of token is added to the user’s wallet every day up to a certain limit.
User Tokens: the system allows users to create their own tokens for a crowdsale within the system.


Ethreum token release platform

Type of token: erc20

Name of the token: Gese

Ticker: GSE

Decimals: 18


Minimum amount of investment: 0.1 ETH

Hardcap: 3818 ETH

Price: 7857 tokens per ETH

duration: 15 days

start: 29/15/2018


Minimum amount of investment: 0.1 ETH

Basic price: 5500 tokens per ETH

Hardcap: 49,090 ETH

Duration: 30 days

Start: 07/01/2018

Distribution of tokens relative to the sold ones:
• for sale to investors – 65% (ICO + presale) of them Presale – 5%
• bounty – 5%
• advisers – 10% – blocking for 6 months
• team – 10% – blocking for 6 months
• reserved – 10%

Start ICO 15.05.2018 :
• minimum investment amount: 0.1 ETH
• base price: 5500 tokens per ETH
• hardcap: 49 090 ETH
Duration 30 days start: 1.07.2018 bonus system:
• 5 days bonus + 33% (rounding 1.333333333)
• 5 days bonus + 18% (encumbrance 1,176470588)
• 5 days bonus + 11% (rounding off 1.111111111)
• 5 days bonus + 5% (rounding 1.052631579)
• 5 without a bonus There is a referral program – 5% for a referral link purchase

• Development of an internal exchange, AI, finalization of the new platform version, technical support – 30%
• Co-financing of tag production – 40%
• Marketing and the geographic expansion of the project – 30%

Team & Advisors


Alexey Pechkin – Team leader

Georgy Rozhkov – Marketing Expert

Mikhail Dergachev – PR

Alexander Strakh – Engineer

Arkady Davidov – Front-end developer

Natalia Yurkovets – Engineer

Pavel Boboshik – Founder


Martin Kratky-Katz

Polina Sazonova

Alexander I

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