As a society is more developed, it consumes more energy, but the energy obtained from coal,
oil and gas is not renewed and is being exhausted year after year.

The smart thing is to take advantage of other sources of energy that are on our side which are
renewable year after year, do not exhaust, and also do not pollute the environment.Renewable energies come from the sun, the wind, the water of the rivers, the sea, the interior of the earth, and the waste. Today, they are only a complement to conventional fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas), but it is expected to end up replacing these latter.

The Greencoin platform and its team of entrepreneurs and advisors will work closely with creative and competent professional manufacturing companies that are focused on creating green systems to have a better world. Currently there are 3 green systems that are being used and have been very helpful for the sustainable and ecological development of the planet, as well as the benefit it brings to people, unfortunately its global expansion is very slow.

  • Solar systems
  • Hydrogen systems
  • Aquaponics system

What united us in the first place and will keep us united is the impact that our actions have on our planet and the impact that decentralized technologies can have on our lifestyle and our evolution.

Greencoin is a platform that is focused on connecting green system manufacturers and installation companies or certified professionals directly with customers around the world to help combat the major problems People face today: a knowledge-sharing platform with a decentralized marketplace available to small and large companies, the platform simplifies the creation of potential customers and B2C interoperability through ecosystem administration Offer/request, decentralized support to Escrow based on Blockchain and implementation of rules and standards established to conduct business through intellectual contracts.

  1. Environmental problems. Our environment is constantly changing. There is no denying that. However, as our environment changes, so does the need to become increasingly aware of the problems that surround it. Global warming has become an undisputed fact about our current livelihoods; our planet is warming up and we are definitely part of the problem. However, this isn’t the only environmental problem that we should be concerned about. All across the world, people are facing a wealth of new and challenging environmental problems every day.
  2. Nourishment. One in seven people in the world go hungry, this being the main global challenge of our times. In addition to the suffering of millions of people without food, hunger is also holding back progress in areas such as health and education.
  3. Fuel (Gasoline). The use of fossil fuels leads to a series of problems that must be taken into account when producing energy. Currently all, or almost all, are clear that many of the resources provided by nature are not unlimited, but that is not the biggest problem. Its repeated use is not beneficial for the planet and leads to conflicts. The use of the automobile in the United States is one of those that contribute the most to greenhouse gases, the harmful consequences are a reduction of the ozone layer and warmer temperatures. The reduction of the ozone layer threatens human health, vegetation, and the marine ecosystem. It contributes to the rise of the waters, which threaten the coastal regions.
  4. Electricity. Electricity is one of the most used forms of energy in human activity; however the majority of electricity is currently generated by burning fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas). The burning of fossil fuels contributes to the accumulation of greenhouse gases, which is considered as the main factor of climate change and global warming.
  1. The ultimate goal is to create a productive environment, an autonomous, decentralized and business-focused community using the power of blockchain technology for the distribution of systems that help the sustainable development of the planet, connecting green systems manufacturers and Installation companies or certified individuals directly with buyers around the world that will help combat the main problems that humans face today.
  2. Take advantage of other sources of energy that are on our side which are renewable year after year, do not exhaust, and also do not pollute the environment.
  3. The GNC ecosystem will become the first decentralized global market where buyers can buy green systems or products directly from the manufacturer, enjoying low and transparent prices.
  4. Focusing on e-commerce and online markets, GNC platform will integrate the lasted Blockchain innovations to drive “smart business contracts”.
  5. Creation of an effective incentive model for all parties to join the GNC ecosystem.

The GNC platform is a decentralized marketplace that allows green systems manufacturers and installers to join, publish their products for sale and offer their instalation services, carry out promotion and loyalty campaigns, and get feedback from buyers, and manufacturers or installer with a good performance can receive tips from buyers, the platform It enables buyers to order those systems and facilitates the order fulfillment process.

How it works
  • Manufacturers publish their products or systems to the Web/App.
  • Users buy products or systems pay
  • Manufacturers ship products to Buyer s.
  • Manufacturers provide technical support to users.
  • Buyers can hire local Installers.

Benefits to buyers

High quality green systems and products.

Systems and products bought online easily and conveniently.

Access to local systems installers.

Updated on new systems, techniques and technologies.

24/7 support team

Benefits to manufacturers and installers

Full control of product or service pricing and listing.

A unified ready-to-use interface

Marketing and promotion directly to buyers

Marketing expenses reduction

Fast and detailed customer feedback

Payment convenience


Greencoin Web and App

The Greencoin ecosystem will become the first decentralized global market where buyers can buy ecological or as we call them green systems or products directly from manufacturers, enjoying low and transparent prices. The Web/App will only be designed with a single purpose, to sell green systems and products that contribute to the sustainable development of the planet.

  • Energy System
  • Hydrogen System
  • Aquaponics System
  • Other ecological and sustainable systems

Greencoin will have different types of systems already designed for its full functioning available on the Web/APP in order that users have a simple interaction with the Web/App and can choose products or systems faster and easier. To make it simple and convenient, it is required that the products and systems of the Greencoin Web/App have several defined parameters; such as name, category assignment, volume, price, description, sizes, designs, etc, which facilitate the search and selection of products to order.In addition, the development of the platform and the GreenCoin token, offers new opportunities and helps increase sales for manufacturers that have focused on fighting to create essential and technological products that will help us human beings and our planet in many aspects so that in the future we will see a shocking change with our nature that currently deteriorates more every day.

That is why we are attracting funds to create a financial platform based on blockchain that would unite not only green manufacturers, but over time the platform will be able to bring together all the people who share our vision regarding the support of the sustainable development of the planet, the responsible consumption, and respect for the environment.


The Greencoin ecosystem will benefit from as many high-quality manufacturers joining the ecosystem as possible. The manufacturers are companies that are dedicated to the business in the creation of green systems and products that will help to solve some of the main problems that human beings face such as energy and food, at the same time being part of a change for the ecologically sustainable development of our planet.

Manufacturer Roles :

  • Publish green systems or products
  • Deliver products ordered by buyers


We have concrete plans and teams ready to an expansion.Our plan is to conquer all the promising markets for the use of green systems, with our business strategy and tactics we will create a positive chain network reaction where our partner businesses will get more customers and more

ICO Details

General Information
Token: GNC
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Number: 50 million GNC
Price: 1 ETH = 500
Payment: ETH, BTC
Soft Cap: 10.000 ETH
Hard Cap: 60.000 ETH
Number: 6 million GNC
Start: 16.11.2018
End: 15.12.2018
Number: 24 million GNC
Start: 15.01.2019
End: 15.03.2019

The tokens are not being offered or distributed to, as well as can not be resold or otherwise alienated by their holders to citizens of, natural and legal persons, having their habitual residence, location or their seat of incorporation in the country or territory where transactions with digital tokens are prohibited or in any manner restricted by applicable laws or regulations,


Karl Tanchez
Founder & CTO

Joshua Divas
Co-Founder & CEO

Vladimir Pomogalov
Blockchain & Smart Contracts

Carmen Carranza
Manufacturer Relationships & Marketing

Amr Sakr
Software Engineer

Ajay Shukla
Blockchain Developer

Vipin Shukla
Graphic Designer

Rashmi Kulkarni
Blockchain Developer

Richie Waddell
Hydrogen advisor

Erwin Tanchez
Hydrogen advisor

Robert Bruce
Renewable energies advisor

Rick Benavides
Business Development Advisor

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Telegram : Upik05

BTT username : upik05

BTT Profile Link:;u=2205131

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