XSEARCH new generation ad platform.
Using ecosystem XSEARCH, consumers can control their data and choose whether to reveal the identity to retailers or their personal data when they make their research. Consumers paid compensation to see promotions targeted retailers. Users can control their privacy preferences. User data is never sold such brokers performed at free services like Facebook and Google.

All these measures are sure to have no or little effect. Moreover, they have a negative
impact on the whole chain of service value because businesses have to pay large
amounts to such giants as Facebook and Google without obtaining a satisfying result.
What finally happens is that businesses lose money without being properly advertised
and appropriately invested in.
However, there is a way out of this endless circle. XSEARCH offers a unique system with
no intermediaries. On the contrary, all interactions are facilitated by the network.
Business will not have to pay to intermediary parties. Instead of that, it is possible to
make personalized offers to consumers by using the decentralized application of XSEARCH.


Modern Value Chain of Sellers, Advertisers and Consumers Lacks the Market ?


The market of advertising is worth about USD 600 bln. Unfortunately, today it is entirely
broken. It is full of intermediaries who take money for business promotion but do not
guarantee any success. World famous advertising companies like Amazon, Facebook and Google demand huge fees from businesses to find customers for them. At the same time,
even paying large amounts, businesses are not guaranteed to succeed. It is known that about 50% of all ad traffic is generated by bots that defeat the aim of advertising. One
more well-known fact is that the more business have to pay for their ads, the more end
users have to pay for the products they purchase. As a result, businesses lose money
and users spend more than they can.

Huge online companies specializing in advertising miss their market opportunities, too.
They have no motivation for optimizing the value chain consisting of sellers and
consumers. What they actually do is to maximize their own profits through increasing rates for placing ads.

Global Markets Are Known TO Require such Solutions That Could Guarantee Consumer Privacy ?

Personal Data Is Valuable and Cannot Be Provided For Free.

One more problem that arises in relation to online advertising is related to regulatory
pressure on protecting consumer privacy. Recent changes to the ePrivacy Directive and
the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union (EU) emphasize the
occurring trend of governments that force technology companies to provide consumer
privacy by design.

Short History Of Advertising: Markets That Suppress

Innovation Are Always Sensible To Technology- Based


Advertising has occurred as a crucial element of business activity. One of the extremely
important inventions of the modern society is the printing press. Its world-wide spread
enshrined content publishing as a new area of media. However, it is not full without
taking into account the importance of content marketing.

The history and development of advertising is closely related to progress in communication technology. So-called yellow pages, a set of directories for various kinds
of business that was extremely important when extending telephony to companies was
mainly funded by selling space for advertising.

Advertising media managed to become more effective with due time. However, the essential function of advertising was to create appropriate connections between people
and services they need. It was improved and greatly developed. As for social media and search, they inherited a business model that was similar to the yellow pages and Yahoo.
Online advertising aims at connecting business with customers, providers of services,and other types of business. Large amounts of marketing budgets are spent on page
views, clicks, and ad impressions. Such approach is only related to customer value or business sales. It is explained by availability of popular web services that work for free, a network of hidden ad networks that result in high costs of both parties. We are sure that the advertising model involving an intermediary party is the only way to achieve promotional success. On the contrary, it becomes less and less effective due to emerging
of new advertising models.

The next stage in the development of advertising is entirely evolutional. Blockchain is a powerful technology that makes it possible for two or more parties that distrust each
other to make a mutually advantageous transaction without any requirements of a central authority. We are sure that a system based on blockchain is perfectly suited to enable businesses and customers to directly contact each other on a mutually beneficial
market through a promotion and purchase chain. A decentralized search is one more step in advertising as an intermediary for people and businesses that need to connect.
XSEARCH uses these efficient design models for businesses and customers to get engaged in creating value.

Today’s advertising is ready for technology-enabled breakout.

XSEARCH provides :

1. Searches in large datasets,
2. Motivation for participating on the advertising market, and
3. Customer anonymity and data privacy.

Problem Solution

Decentralized Search Ecosystem Offered by XSEARCH’s Understands Incomparable

Market Efficiency Through The Customer – to – Business Value Chain
Support of distributed, customer-based set of customer activities on blockchain allows achieving the vision of a decentralized search. XSEARCH uses online data that is collected in an anonymized activity ledger, profiles and preferences directly posted and maintained by customers to create a token-based ecosystem meant for demand-driven marketing and retail with a low barrier to entry for all parties. The strengths of traditional
online advertising are utilized by this ecosystem. It also eliminates an ability to produce
and share user data.

Using Examples
The potential of applications created on our XSEARCH platform are significant. To
emphasize the XSEARCH architecture and potential advantages, we show several cases
of using examples. We also provide a detailed case study in the automotive sales retail
space, with mixed offline and online components. We chose use cases based on the
“cost-per-click” data that complies with the amount a business pays Google each time
when a user clicks on their ad5.

Legal Consultants
The nature of legal cases are unique and various. That is why sharing of personal data
can be quite critical when looking for the correct professional in this area. Every
individual case has flexible data, and it is rather challenging for people to provide all
details about themselves. At the same time lawyers must obtain enough data to make
correct decisions. Especially it is related to initial stages of the relations. In such
situations personal information can be helpful for lawyers for determining whether they
will be able to successfully cooperate with the future client.

Educational Programs
On the extended market of educational services, it is quite difficult for a potential student
to choose the most appropriate school. Since large educational institutions and schools
have more advertising opportunities, smaller schools lose their chance to state about
themselves. As for students, in this case they miss the data that can allow them to find
out all they need. In their turn, schools use new technologies to find the correct students
who suit their community and academic profiles, and they have to spend large amounts
for advertising to get the best students.

XSEARCH can be used not only by students when searching for educational programs,
but also job seekers. It can be used as a decentralized search platform to look for
employers. On their turn, employers can find potential employees who comply with
certain requirements. XSEARCH also offers a “reverse job search” option when job
seekers can anonymously state about their job interests and preferences and essential
skills, and employers can focus on certain job seekers that comply with their
requirements. XSEARCH does not look like traditional job search boards.

Local Community Services
XSEARCH can also be used by the local community when searching for low cost services,
e.g. babysitting, dog walking, tutoring, and other services that are usually offered by
students or teens within a certain local community. XSEARCH is an accessible and
entirely free platform where young people can advertise and promote their services or
even fulfill some services on demand. In this case not high skill jobs are focused on, but
on peer-to-peer local community errand-like tasks.

Our XSEARCH platform is also useful for automotive sales. Like in a great number of
other sectors, acquiring customers is a serious business component that requires rather
many investments. As for the industry of car dealership, here this factor is essential for
forming and operating a successful distribution network. Car dealers usually spend up to
USD 200 per qualified lead. They have to compete with other dealers on several levels –
national, regional, and local. Moreover, their competition is related to such services us
insurance, leasing, and financing. In this case digital advertising is always combined with
the traditional one including radio, billboards, sponsorship, and local broadcast. There is
also support from regional dealers association that tries to achieve greater ad buying
efficiency in a certain locality. It all makes up complicated, competitive and expensive
environment. This environment moves in favor of supply rather than demand.

How it works?
Sellers pay less for advertising and receive higher return.

Users get money for providing their personal data and spend less time on searching thanks to personalized offers.

1. A user signs up and enters his or her personal data he or she considers necessary.

2. The user searches for goods or services using our search engine.

3. The seller automatically sends a personalized offer to a user who is indeed interested in the goods or services in question.

4. The seller pays the user for viewing the personalized offer.


XSEARCH Token (XSE) is used as the internal currency to execute investment transactions on the Xsearch platform. The value will increase as demand for the platform increases. In addition, XSE will be traded on the digital currency exchange.

Participating in ICO, gives you the ability to buy coins at the lowest possible price.
In addition, if you buy coins early, you will receive bonuses that can be as high as 33%.

XSE Token

Price 1ETH = 1000 XSE
Buy with ETH
Ethereum Platform (ERC20)
Hard cap 17,500 ETH
Location Norway
Pre ICO 05 April 2018 – April 20, 2018
ICO April 20, 2018 – May 30, 2018
Count Token for 24.5m XSE = 83%
Total Token Count 30m XSE

We accept only ETH. Don’t use any cryptocurrency exchange wallet addresses like Coinbase, Binance, Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken, Globitex, Coinomi etc. Transferring ETH from these wallets will result in an irreversible loss of your money!

Pre-ICO: 28 JUNE 2018
ICO: 29 JULY 2018

Number of tokens for sale
24 500 000 XSE = 83%

Pre-ICO: 09 JULY 2018
ICO: 29 AUGUST 2018

Tokens exchange rate
Pre-ICO: 1ETH = 1300 XSE
ICO: 1ETH = 1000 XSE

Acceptable currencies

Minimal transaction amount
0,1 ETH


April 2017
Xsearch idea creation.

May 2017
Service concept formation

June 2017
ICO team making and XSE blockchain technology development

August 2017
Xsearch first prototype

December 2017
Potential service users negotiation

December 2017
Official website development for ERC-20 tokensale

1-2 quarter 2018
Live ICO! Tokensale

3 quarter 2018
HitBtc and Bancor trade launch

4 quarter 2018
Main project development

4 quarter 2018
iOS and Android applications development

3 quarter 2019
Marketing, customers count growth

The XSEARCH team combines a passion for esports, industry experise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

Valnea Skansi
Business Owner, Cryptocurrency

Philippe Pierre
Quality Assurance Analyst

Ines Bokan
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Specialist, Co-Founder

Mahesh Dahal
Software Developer, Crypto Investor, Editor in Chief, 2D Animator


Mihaela Vuksic
ICO Adviser, Publisher, Writer, Entrepreneur, Blockchain Educator

Siniša Varga
Business Intelligence Analyst

Sanja Hrvojević Beganović
Information Technology Analyst
Cappasity Inc.




More Information :

Website: https://xsearch.io/
Whitepaper: https://xsearch.io/app/img/xsearch_whitepaper.pdf
ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3203150.0
Telegram: https://t.me/xsearch_io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Xsearch_io
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