The Imperium Platform is a platform for exchange and lending, which helps ordinary people make money by investing and trading crypto-currencies using AI (artificial intelligence). The team behind the Imperium Platform has invested in the crypto currency since 2012. They have participated in organizations such as ETH, NEO, Omisego, and the list goes on and on.

The Imperium Platform is 100% decentralized. Users will never have to provide any personal information other than an email address and password.

The platform combines artificial intelligence + human work, which makes the Imperium platform the first self-learning platform and credit platform in the crypto currency.


Decentralized Platform

Imperium Platform is 100% decentralized. Users will never have to provide any type of personal info besides their email address and password.

Crowd Wisdom
Our platform combines Artificial Intelligence + human behavior which make Imperium Platform the first self learning exchange and lending platform in crypto.

Rewards MeAchanism
Users that participate and hold Imperium Tokens will benefit in 3 ways:

1. Every month 30% of the net profit generate from our exchange will be distributed to users holding more than 100 IMP Tokens. Example: If net profit is $20,000,000USD and there are 120,000,000 IMP Tokens. If you are holding 1,000 IMP Tokens your Reward will be $50USD. The more IMP Tokens that you hold + the highest is our net profit = Bigger Rewards for you. Rewards will be pay out in ETH as the Imperium Platform is running on Ethereum’s blockchain.

2. You can earn Rewards using our Lending system. To start the new program, Imperium Platform will launch three Lending packages: S-100 (100 IMP); S-400 (400 IMP) and S-2000 (2,000 IMP) with a monthly interest rate of up to 5% (depending on the stacking packages and the term you selected). You will be able to select multiple Lending Packages and terms. For example; if you have 2000 IMP and interest rate is 10%, at the end of your Term you will have 2200 IMP.

3. You can earn Rewards referring people to the Imperium Platfrom. Every time people that joined Imperium Platform via your referral link utilize the Imperium Exchange or Lending system you will get Rewards. The more people that you invite to participate in the Imperium Platform ecosystem the more Rewards that you will earn.


The main goal of the Platform is the Empire became one of the cryptocurrency largest decentralized Exchange will offer its users a safe and encrypted Exchange quickly by reducing transaction costs. We understand that in order to do this, we need support from the participants of ICO us and members of the community in the future. That’s why the Platform Token Imperium will offer many benefits to the token IMP (Imperium Platform Tokens). Exchange Platforms Empire coins will support trade partner in the following sections:


More coins will be added as transaction based on sound community.


One of the biggest problems in the Cryptocurrency industry is that a lot of new investors lose their money following techniques that doesn’t work or simply by investing into mediocre projects which doesn’t give them any benefit.

Imperium Platform Investors

  • Will benefit by simple holding their IMP Tokens or by stacking them.
  • As Imperium Platform is an ever growing ecosystem and will make sure that it gets the exposure and adoption that it needs to become one of the best crypto project in 2018 and years to come.

Dentralize Network

Imperium Platform is 100% decentralized and will never require your personal info.

Crypto Trading

  • By investing in Imperium Platform you won’t have to worry about Bitcoin and other altcoins crashing as you will benefit by simply holding or Stacking your IMP Tokens or by selling for profit as price rise.


  • As we already mentioned you will get rewards in 3 different ways in the form of ETH. Which you can then use to invest into other crypto project or simply buying more IMP Tokens.

How Does It Work

Platform Imperium will be cryptochange the first decentralized technology uses IT. Because we are based in Malta, we already have all licenses and approvals required to open and operate the trading platform lending our full capacity and without any problems.


There are many risks involved in running an exchange. We understand this and have the skills, experience, and leadership to overcome them.

Security is Paramount

Many crypto exchanges have failed due to poor security procedures. Most security breaches could have been prevented by taking simple precautions to protect critical resources. Our team has developed Imperium Platform with security as the foremost concern in their minds. We strive to ensure that we have followed all the industry best practices when it comes to securing
and date including ISO/IEC and the CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS)

Market Competition

We know this will be an ultra-competitive space. There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of teams wanting, planning or doing exchanges. Competition will be fierce. But in this age, this is a common risk in any decent concept/startup or mature company.The question is; given our team, track record, experience, industry resources, and product, do you believe we stand a better
chance than the rest of the pack? if yes, then please join our ICO.

ICO Details

General information

Token: IMP

Platform: Ethereum

Standard: ERC 20


Sept 07, 2018 (9:00AM GMT)

Number of tokens for sale 57,649,040 IMP (50%)

Nov 30, 2018 (11:00AM GMT)

First Round
1 BTC = 7692.30 IMP Tokens
Price per IMP = 0.00013 BTC

Round Period
Sept 07 – Sept 16

Tokens exchange rate
IMP Tokens will be sell during 3 Rounds. Unsold Tokens Will Be Burn/Destroy.

Second Round
1 BTC = 6250 IMP Tokens
Price per IMP = 0.00016 BTC

Round Period
Sept 17 – Sept 23

Third Round
1 BTC = 5000 IMP Tokens
Price per IMP = 0.0002 BTC

Round Period
Sept 24 – Nov 30

Acceptable currencies
Bitcoin (BTC)

Minimal transaction amount
0.032 Bitcoin


February 2017

Imperium was approved the required licenses to open an exchange and lending platform on Malta

March-November 2017

Building of Imperium Platform completed (Dex exchange and lending platform fully operational.)

March 2018

Pre sale of Imperium Platform (8% of supply was sold to private investors.).

September 2018

Public ICO

November 2018

Distribution of Imperium Tokens to Pre Sale and Public ICO participants

December 2018

Launching of Imperium Platform Listing on other exchanges besides the Imperium Decentralized Exchange

January 2019

More exchange listing. Ambassador Program for crypto influencer to market and teach new users about the benefits of Imperium Platform.

February 2019

Release of mobile Apps for Imperium Decentralized Exchange and Lending Platform

March 2019

Continue to work on Imperium Platform until it becomes one of the largest cryptocurrencies exchange and lending platform

Imperium Platform Founders & Team

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