The cannabis industry is currently one of the fastest growing industries in the world, especially in the USA,
Canada and Europe, and above-average growth rates are expected to continue for the coming years. The wave
of global legalization is increasing the demand for accessories and solutions needed for everyday use in this
area. At the same time, the numbers of counterfeit prescriptions are also increasing, which is a major problem
for many pharmacies, doctors and health insurance companies.
For this reason, we are planning, and working on, providing a network for the cannabis industry. A network
that enables every customer to have their needs met in the field of cannabis. No matter whether it be accessories
for consumption and cultivation, or the delivery of legal THC containing products to the front door,
or for patients who get their medical prescription cannabis from their doctors and pharmacies . One of the
special innovations in the medical system will be our blockchain based solution for forgery-proof medicinal

The blockchain provides the technological tools for us to create a Jibbit ecosystem. In this network, consumers,
producers and suppliers can find each other. Every single transaction is stored in an encrypted form in
the blockchain and is accessible to everyone as and when they are needed. Any modification or falsification of
the stored data, in the blockchain, is almost impossible.
Manufacturers and producers need a way to quickly and reliably bring their goods and services to the consumer.
The Jibbit token is used as a means of payment in the Jibbit network. Jibbit is a strong token for a growing
community, which can rely on a team of professionals from the cannabis, crypto-blockchain, marketing and
investment industries. The team has experience in the field of marketing, as well as years of experience in
stock markets worldwide, making the Jibbit team absolute experts in the industry.

Jibbit GmbH is working on several software solutions for the cannabis market, with three main sectors.
1. Jibbit Marketplace-climatic equipment, shop for patients, consumers and manufacturers. Fast, cheap and secure payments.
2. Jibbit Runner. Cannabis Delivery Service: You can order hemp from home. Huge selection and controlled origin of authorized dealers.
3. Jibbit Doc. Patients, doctors and pharmacists are all in the same network. More anonymity, higher level of security. Blockchain is based on a solution for the medical sector.

Name: Jibbit TokenToken character: JIB
Token type: Utility token
Platform: Ethereum
Total issue: 700 million
Tokens for sale: 420 million
Price for Jibbit token: $0.05 USD
Softcap: $1 million USD
Hardcap: $18 million USD private Sale 01. June 2018-30 July 2018 Private Announcement Pre Sale 01. July 2018-31. July 2018 Main Sale 01 August 2018-31 August 2018


The JIBBiT (JIB) Token will be the utility token used on the JIBBiTplatform. The JIBBiT ecosystem will be hosted on the Ethereum Blockchain Network and the JIBBiT (JIB) tokens will be ERC-20 compatible tokens.

The total number of JIB tokens to be issued will be limited to 700 Million tokens with 420 Million tokens placed for sale during the token sale period. The price per JIB token is fixed at 1 JIB = US$ 0.05.

The token sale is expected to start on 1st Jun 2018 and would take place on the JIBBiT portal i.e. www.jibbit.io. The token sale will end either on the date once the project reaches the hard cap target of appr. $18 Million or on 31st Aug, 2018, whichever is earlier.

[Note: – There will be restrictions on token sale for nationals of US, Republic of China, HK SAR, Canada, Singapore, and countries which are covered United States embragoes, such as Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria.]


The JIBBiT ecosystem uses blockchain technology to execute transparent, anonymous and safe payment transactions for all the parties involved in the ecosystem.

The JIBBiT ecosystem primarily consists of 3 core elements: –

JIBBiT Marketplace – It is the core structure of the JIBBiT ecosystem. It is the marketplace for cannabis accessories. Patients, consumers and growers can use JIBBiT Markeplace for shopping cannabis accessories.a

JIBBiT Doc – It is the portal and interface for patients, doctors and pharmacies. The 1st platform solution will be made available in Germany.

JIBBiT Runner – It is the cannabis delivery service for delivery of THC containing cannabis products. It aims to become the next UBER for cryptocurrency based delivery of marijuna.



Strong and experienced development team
Early market lead
Good and sufficient capital base
Solid knowledge of the cannabis market
Big contact network in the cannabis and crypto sector


Yet to build the customer base


Global legalization of medical related cannabis products
Global legalization of cannabis products for private consumption
Further growth in acceptance of mobile and internet shopping
Growing acceptance of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency


Competitive market with growing competition
Possible regulations affecting the crypto industry (cryptocurrencies)
Overall, the SWOT Analysis for the JIBBiT project illustrates that the business model of JIBBiT has more strengths and provides more opportunities than weaknesses and threats.

Investment Cannabis Industry
Our clients – both corporate and private ones – will access all the services they need from a single platform. Blockchain technology gives us the chance to make your finances grow faster and give better returns.

Buyback & Backup
Reserves should be made for unforeseen situations and serve as collateral. These funds are used to redeem their own tokens and to gradually implement the Jibbit ecosystem.

Legal & Admin
This part of the revenue flows into legal advice and administration. Both the token sale and the Jibbit ecosystem are always accompanied by the current legal situation. The law firm Thurn Legal with its network of experts is at the side of the Jibbit team. Furthermore, the capital is used for the moderation and coordination of the community.

Exchange & Banking
By scheduling up to $2 million, we want to ensure the long-term listing of the Jibbit tokens on several well-known crypto exchanges. For a stable Jibbit token course, listing at several large Crypto Exchanges is very important. As a result, price fluctuations of the token should be kept as low as possible and help to make the use in our Jibbit ecosystem reliable.

The marketing during and after the token sale is a major ingredient for the success of Jibbit. In this way, we invest in promising campaigns in order to get the maximum possible reach as far as possible. During and even after the token sale we are planning to add numerous articles, listing on well-known ICO websites, a trading school, interviews and numerous reviews to increase the awareness of the Jibbit token. Since some countries have to be excluded during the token sale, we see a further market for supporters there after the token sale (Eng. Backers), which we will also address to the listing. The largest part of the marketing budget will be used in the coming years for the worldwide announcement and establishment of the Jibbit platform.

After the token sale, approximately 35% of the proceeds are scheduled for the Jibbit ecosystem. In total, when the Hardcap is reached, approx.7 Millions US$ will be provided for the realization of marketplace, delivery service and Jibbit Doc.This allows us to create a platform with the highest security standards, the most modern technology and the best user-friendliness. The realization of the Jibbit ecosystem is carried out by internal and external experts. According to current status, individual areas of the Jibbit ecosystem are already completed earlier.



Website : https://jibbit.io
Whitepaper : https://jibbit.io/Whitepaper.pdf
Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/Jibbit-1196046843831431
Twitter : https://twitter.com/jibbitico/
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/jibbitico
Bitcointalk : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4315020

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