By gamifying real-world socialization, we can make interactions fun and engaging for everyone. These social activities lead to more physical socialization and healthier, longer-lasting connections through the Kuende concept of incentivized challenges. Each has its own unique rules, rewards and expectations of participants. But, what they have in common is their aspect of fun, adventure and accomplishment.

Finally, because of the targeted, interest-based nature of Kuende, these Challenges will bring together people with the same hobbies and values. Creating new friendships in the real world. The ideal outcome for a Kuende user!

Real Life Interaction
The Kuende mission is to become the first hybrid online-offline social media platform that creates as much human interaction in real life as it does digitally.

Gamified Challenges will actively encourages people, in all stages of their Kuende experience, to engage in activities that lead to real-life interactions and relationships.

Kuende is a gamified social network that rewards its users for engaging in real-world challenges. Rewards will come in different forms from Kuende and our partners.

Tokenized Economy
The platform’s economy relies on two ERC20 tokens. Each one has its own use-case. The tokens are designed to support and scale a complex ecosystem


A brief look at the latest research shows the extent of the problem:

  • A UK disability charity named Scope surveyed 1500 Facebook and Twitter users aged 18-34. The found that 50% of the responders felt unattractive because of social media, and 60% had feelings of jealousy.
  • The Journal of Youth Studies has proven that one in five young people lose sleep due to nighttime
    wakeups to check messages on social media.
  • The American Journal of Preventive Medicine published a study involving 1,787 people aged 19 to 32. It found that those who spent the most time using social media were twice as likely to feel socially isolated. And this same study found that people who use seven or more social media websites were three times more likely to have general anxiety symptoms than those who use two or fewer social media websites.
  • Another trend shows how social media can even affect parenting. In a Parents survey of 2,000 people, 79% said they felt other parents overshare their parent-child moments on social media. Yet at the same time, only 32% felt they themselves overshare these same moments. This goes to show how social media can work its way into even the most cherished relationships and slowly transition them to the online world.

We envision a world in which social media nurtures and cares for the true social needs of its users. A world where social media creates as much human interaction in real life, as it does digitally. We believe that, for the betterment of individuals and society alike, both types of social interaction are properly balanced.

Social platforms should not only provide the means to get connected, entertained and informed, but also help preserve the value of real life interaction. They should be used to enhance rather than to replace.This is what Kuende seeks to provide.

Using gamified challenges and blockchain technology, we seek to create a network that encourages dynamic, evolving and socially engaged communities that gather in the real world to share their specific interests in rewarding and fun ways.

In short, Kuende will build a much healthier alternative to current social media networks.
This is the vision that Pavel Antohe, our CEO and founder, set out to achieve when he created Kuende in 2014. After spending one year refining the concept, he invested all his savings into developing a minimally viable product. He knew once investors saw Kuende in action, they would leap at the opportunity to be a part of it. And he was right. Since 2015, Kuende has raised over 2.6 Million USD.

Now we are excited to move forward with our Initial Coin Offering. Before we discuss the details of this event, let us introduce you to our platform.


Kuende Point

Using Kuende Points
Users can use their Kp in the platform for:
• Paying a Challenge Entry Fee
• Tipping Content Creators
• Buying from the Kuende Shop (Kshop)
• Promoting Content
• Creating Sponsored Challenges
• Acquiring Premium Subscriptions
• Making In-game Purchases


Social Profiles – Our version of Facebook & Twitter
Kuende allows for complete control over how you organize your social life. You can combine friends with family or coworkers with classmates. The choice is yours. Each group receives only the posts and updates you choose to share with them specifically.

Music Player – Our version of Last.fm
Kuende’s music player allows users to search and listen to their favorite artist’s tracks. They can create their own playlists to stream while navigating the app.

Content Feed – Our version of Steemit
The Discovery Feed is a self-moderating content feed anyone can contribute to. Content is “discovered” via our interest-based targeting algorithms. Users are rewarded for quality content through Kuende Points donations.

Dynamic Chat – Our version of Facebook Messenger
Our chat system is feature-complete and already connecting people all over the world. Users can choose from a desktop version as well as a mobile version within our Kuende app (iOS and Android).

ICO Details

Token information

Token KUE

Platform Ethereum

Type ERC20

Price in ICO1 KUE = 0.00002 ETH


Bonuses up to 30% in PreICO.

Tokens for sale 1,780,000,000


Investment information

Accepting ETH

Distributed in ICO 50%

Soft cap 4,000 ETH

Hard cap 28,980 ETH


Pre-seed Investment – $120.000.
Kuende.com (Alpha & Closed Beta Versions)

Seed Investment – $2.500.000.
Mobile apps for iOS & Android.
Implemented Gamification.

Launched the mobile apps.
Launched Kuende.com (Beta Version).
Web & Mobile Security Audit.
Prepare ICO.

2018 – Q1
Challenge Framework.
54.000+ Users.
20.000+ App Downloads.

2018 – Q2
Create, Participate & Vote Challenges.
Challenge Feed.
GDPR Full Compliance.
Security Audit.
Redesign Web & Mobile Interface.
Launched ICO.

2018 – Q3
Integrate with Civic (for KYC Procedures).
Deposit Kuende Tokens into the Platform.
Anti Fraud Mechanism.
Start generating Kuende Points.
Badging & Reputation System.
Tip Content Creators.

2018 – Q4
Smart Algorithm for Challenge Suggestions.
Check-in Feature.
First Kuende Game.
Encrypted Messages.
500.000 Kuende Users.

2019 – Q1-Q2
Kshop (In-app Purchases & Donations).
Interest Based Groups.
Second Kuende Game.
3.000.000 Kuende Users.

2019 – Q3-4
Influencer Profile.
Group Challenges.
Live Stream.
Third Kuende Game.
10.000.000 Kuende Users.

API for Challenge Creator.
Kshop (Digital Goods).
Business Profiles.
Sponsored Challenges.
Ad related mechanism.
AR Challenges.
50.000.000 Kuende Users.


Pavel Antohe
CEO & Founder

Dan Tudor
CFO & Co-founder

Teodor Pripoae
CTO & Co-founder

Mihnea Rafailescu
CDO & Co-founder

Daniel Bugarin

Alexandru Tache
Senior Software Engineer

Razvan Carstea
Lead Mobile Developer

Cosmin Rusu
Senior Software Engineer

Adrian Bogatu
Backend Developer

Alisa Laza
Full-stack Mobile Developer

Andrei Dumitra
Backend Developer

Andrei Florea
Full-stack Mobile Developer

Andrei Gherghe
Full-stack Mobile Developer

Armando Ducan
Content Curator & Tester

Andy Biro
Lead Designer

Claudiu Cismaru
Backend Developer

Eugen Dorin
Lead Frontend Developer

Felicia Popa
Social Media Specialist

Fredi Radu
Community Manager

Marian Tarlungeanu
Frontend Developer

Mihai Mucenica
Content Curator & Tester

Stefan Florescu
Full-stack Developer

Vlad Platon
Backend Developer

Bogdan Zlate
Full-stack Developer


Rana Chakrabarti

George Bunea

Andrei Avadanei

Dragos Stanca

Dean Karakitsos

Fadi Bishara

Michael Trout

Thomas Bangert

Aurel Iancu
Cosmos Validator

Charlie Shrem
Founder Bitcoin Foundation

Michael Kimelman
Founder Bitcoin Foundation

More information contact :
Website: https://ico.kuende.com
Whitepaper: https://ico.kuende.com/documentation/Kuende_Whitepaper.pdf
ANN Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4456371.0
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Kuende.world
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kuende_com
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/18295683
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kuende_com
Telegram: http://t.me/kuende
Author : Upik05
BTT username : upik05
BTT Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2205131
Address wallet

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