Laneaxis project was developed specifically to create a direct network from suppliers of goods to the carrier using intellectual contracts used in the unchanged register of the blockchain. This will provide significant savings, as shippers and carriers will be able to dispense with costly intermediaries such as freight brokers, third-party logistics groups (3PL) and freight forwarders, many of which charge up to 30% for Transaction processing.

Laneaxis Virtual Freight Management is a tool for logistics and data management, which provides complete transparency of the shipment of goods, its transfer, and delivery to the end user. Deployed as a desktop and mobile application (in the SaaS Cloud platform), Laneaxis connects Shippers (Shippers) directly with carriers, providing both real-time tracking and data for each shipment. Laneaxis is an assistant platform for both shipper and carrier. The platform goes far beyond GPS tracking in real time and uses patented processes. Added benefits include improved docking planning, fewer empty samples, efficient business intelligence, instantly archived submission documents, and, in particular, the ability to create and manage your own Network of qualified independent operators.

The platform for optimizing work between shippers and carriers can be free if any of them wants to join the system. Shippers and carriers, who are part of the associated shipping community, can browse free of charge available equipment or free drivers capable of taking on a new order.


With numerous key patents approved and pending, the laneaxis software platform is in perfect position to serve as the connective tissue for the application of blockchain technology to the trucking and transportation industry.our primary mission is to directly connect shippers with carriers – by passing expensive third party brokers – and in the process driving the global logistics supply chain into the blockchain era. currently, two million truckload shipments operate daily in america, with most still relying on archaic technologies, such as fax machines, phone calls, and paper processes to initiate, manage and track shipments. laneaxis fixes this by implementing the latest technological solution that promises to cut costs and increase efficiency across all supply chain channels.

The Future of Logistics

LaneAxis is harnessing the power of the blockchain to connect shippers directly to carriers, cutting out expensive intermediary freight brokers who charge up to a 30% commission. Who ultimately pays for this upcharge? YOU DO. This costly process raises the overall price of transported goods, which is ultimately passed on to the final consumers. Imagine if you could pay 30% less for everything!


Real-Time Tracking and the Blockchain

The LaneAxis platform enables shippers and manufacturers to keep track of transported goods in real-time via GPS-enabled devices. All critical milestones and documents in the transportation lifecycle – from proof-of-pickup through proof-of-delivery – are stored in the blockchain’s immutable ledger.

Backed by Analytics

To optimize delivery and logistics planning, LaneAxis compiles analytical data from the thousands of trucks in its network and maps out the most optimal routes. Carriers are assigned ratings based on delivery history to help shippers choose the most suitable carrier for their shipment.

LaneAxis, Blockchain & the AXIS Token

Blockchain is a natural fit for simplifying and securing the management and tracking of goods traveling over vast distances. Goods (freight) are sent by the shipper to their destination by hiring contractual carriers. This matchmaking of shippers and carriers is currently being performed by intermediaries who charge up to a 30% commission. This is bad for the industry, bad for consumers, and bad for the overall economy.

The AXIS token will serve as the central utility tool to enable all transactions within the LaneAxis blockchain ecosystem, as well as granting access to the vault of analytical business intelligence. The AXIS token is the API key to the LaneAxis engine.

Verified on the Blockchain


Blockchain Benefits



Token name: AXIS

Price for 1 token: 1 AXIS = 0.12 USD

Available bonuses

Bounty Program is available

ICO Platform: Ethereum

Token type: ERC20

Payment accepted: BTC, ETH, LTC

will be distributed at the time of ICO: 89% of tokens

Soft cap: 2 million AXIS

Hard cap: 300 million AXIS

Total tokens for sale: 445 million AXIS

Country of ICO: Cayman Islands

Limited countries: United States of America

Whitelist/KYC: Yes

The start of sale of tokens will take place in August-September, 2018

Driver Social Network

Globally connecting drivers to a single social network will generate massive amounts of data and information that can be shared on a global scale. The AXIS Token will be adopted on a massive scale as millions of participants take advantage of the Driver Social Network (DSN) benefits:

  • Social feeds
  • Discounts
  • Products
  • Food
  • Information sharing
  • Connections
  • Reviews
  • Shipper and carrier ratings
  • Fuel
  • Maintenance
  • Downtime
  • Freight rates and much more

As the world becomes flat with technology, the AXIS Token Driver Social Network (DSN) will play a vital role in moving data throughout the $9 Trillion dollar supply chain industry. With 90% of goods and products being delivered on a truck, the key to connecting shippers and manufacturers directly will be the birth of the AXIS Token DSN. The buildout of a massive global DSN embedded in the LaneAxis proprietary blockchain ecosystem will require API access via the AXIS Token. This will enable direct connection between shippers and carriers, cutting out freight broker fees that can exceed 30%. By removing the “middle man,” the AXIS Token and its wealth of uses will establish the first true TRANSPORTATION GLOBAL COMMUNITY.

In good times and bad, products around the world have to move from point A to B. Because of this, the AXIS Token will be immune to economic downturns.For LaneAxis contributors, holding AXIS Tokens is like holding the future of the global transportation community in your hands. It’s very simple: AXIS tokens serve as the golden key to access the network.

Five Reasons to Buy AXIS Tokens

  1. TRANSPORTATION EXPERIENCE – The LaneAxis platform was built by logistics veterans with decades of combined industry experience.
  2. BLOCKCHAIN EXPERIENCE – Our blockchain engineering team is comprised of some of the most skilled and highly-regarded blockchain architects in the crypto space.
  3. TRUE UTILITY TOKEN – The AXIS token is the key mechanism providing users independent access to all immutable data and business intelligence stored on the LaneAxis blockchain.
  4. THIRD PARTY PRAISE – From Forbes to one of the co-founders of Ethereum, independent analysts have examined the LaneAxis blockchain business model, and concluded it is solid, viable, and necessary.
  5. AVOID MARKET VOLATILITY – By purchasing AXIS tokens, supporters are applying their research and intelligence into an established company offering a true solution to a real problem. This is in sharp contrast to traditional crypto purchases, which rely on the whims and waves of the exchange markets.


Laneaxis  consists of specialists with a great experience. The Executive Director is Rick Stormy. He is responsible for the development of the entire platform. Mason Stormy is engaged in the development of blockchain-component. His responsibilities include creating the basis for the entire project. Divuazhin Dzhindjel is an assistant to Mason and works for the post of blockchain-engineer. Prateek Dimri works exclusively on the sale of tokens. Responsible for conducting the entire ICO process. Clint Johnson is vice president of sales. Matt Guinn is the vice president and is engaged in transportation operations. Andrew Rivera is a communications director. He works on connecting links to make the project as popular as possible. Amarpreet Singh-Senior engineer Blockchain. Ankur Siddha is a marketing specialist. Mark Williams is a business development director. David Patton-Sales manager. Alex Williams works in the sales department along with Tom Reid. Also in the teamwork Megan Jones, Kim “Mo” Mahoney, Jason Giorgio and Ellie Burnett.

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