Lendxcoin (Xcoin) is a kind of digital cash used in P2P lending through an online network that is based on the Blockchain platform through a smart contract. Lendxcoin will become a bridge linking lending around the world without any mortgage loans. Lenders and borrowers are quickly and easily connected with each other and do not take much time and perform complex procedures, as in traditional banks. 

At Lendxcoin, borrowers and lenders are completely confidential. All loans are transparent. The approval process is simple without a loan demonstration, and there is no difference between an individual and a business.

Benefits Of Joining Lendxcoin

To join our system you must have an account and XCOIN currency, XCOIN will be the main currency to use the functions of the system.

Easy operation
The lending and borrowing operations are extremely simple. It takes a short time to complete a contract

Transparency, Accuracy
All loans have a clear and transparent history. There is an absolute precision about money, interest rates and loan period.

Information security
All information and benefits of members are absolutely confidential without the third party interference. Transaction history is stored unlimitedly.

Disbursement, interest rate
Disbursements are made immediately when the loan agreement is confirmed. The interest rate is flexible. Members can decide their interest rate. It may reach up to 40% per month.

Description of the process of participation in the P2P Lending system

In order to participate in the system, lenders and borrowers should open an account on the system first, fill out the necessary information, including:

  •  Personal information
  • Verification documents
  • And other conditions and requirements of the system

Once verified by staff and the system, lenders and borrowers can create a loan contract on the system.In order to lend, It is compulsory to have Xcoin. Users use this Xcoin to lend, borrow and receive interest.

To Borrowers

In order to increase the quality of loans and reduce credit risks, a customer who is eligible to borrow through our P2P system must meet the following requirements:

  •  Over the age of 18
  • Have a stable job or monthly income over $100
  • Upload full information on the system, the copies of documents required by the system.
  •  Meet the approval criteria of the system
  •  Confirm the conditions of loan agreement.

Once approved by the system, borrowers can create a loan profile, including:

  •  Amount of loan
  •  Expected interest
  • The period of loan
  •  The period of interest returning
To Lenders

Lenders will create a loan contract on the system, the system will approve automatically. The loan
contract, including:

  •  Amount of loan
  •  Expected interest rate
  •  The period of loan
  •  The period of interest receiving

In addition, the system also provides the packages of risk insurance for lenders to secure their loans.

To the P2P system

After receiving the “Loan Request” and all verified documents, the system will review the application by two forms:

  • Staff directly review (applied for borrowers)
    Staff will check personal information, job information, income and attracted documents of
  •  Algorithm for approval
    Algorithm model for auto-approval on the system, collecting data sources: Customer information.

Based on the results of approval of staff and the algorithm, the system will give the final results on the customer’s loan and then put up the loan on the whole system.

Put up on the P2P exchange
  • Once the approval is successes, loans and borrowings will be put up on the P2P platform. The basic information about loans will be published for investors.
  •  Loans and borrowings have the same time, interest, and amount will automatically match lending and borrowing orders.

In order to avoid the case that lenders change their mind not to disburse. The system will require lenders to transfer the full amount of the loan to the Smart Contract before the signing of the contract. Once the contract is signed successfully, the amount will be transferred to
the XCOIN wallet of borrowers and the borrowers can withdraw this amount at any time.

Periodical payment

The auto-payment system of Smart Contract allows the accounts of lenders receive the interest of
periodic payments from borrowers and transfer to the accounts.

ICO details

General information
Token: Xcoin
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 120,000,000 XCOIN
Price: 1 XCOIN = 0.7 USD
Payment: Eth
Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 25,000,000 USD
Quantity: 20,000,000 XCOIN
Start: 10.22.2018
Completion: 10/31/2018
Quantity: 49,000,000 XCOIN
Start: 11/03/2018
Completion: 12/01/2018


The Lendxcoin system uses four main wallets. We do not manage the wallets of members. All
transactions of withdrawal are always opened. Members can withdraw at any time.


October 8, 2018 BOUNTY

October 22, 2018 PRE-SALE

November 3, 2018 ICO

December 10, 2018 Exchange

December 30, 2018 P2P Exchange

January 28, 2019 XCOIN on other exchanges

February 11, 2019 XCOIN at COINMARKETCAP

March 4, 2019 App on iOS, ANDROID

May – December 2019-Cooperation with banks: invest in loans Xcoin system – Receive money, trusted companies to service a coin loan – Associate with insurance agencies, is directly involved in insuring risks in a coin

More information contact :
Website : https://lendxcoin.co/
Whitepaper : https://lendxcoin.co/assets/White-paper-v1.pdf
Bounty Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5043415.0
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/lendxcoin
Medium : https://medium.com/@lendxcoin
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Lendxcoin
Telegram : https://t.me/joinchat/HTKuMhC7eeKzt27ORLINYA
Author : upik05
Telegram Username : @upik05
BTT username : upik05
BTT Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2205131
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