Mozo is a decentralized resolution based on blockchain for companies and retailers; Use of this app allows you to expand and manage traffic in terrestrial stores. Project developers operate to attract partners; It is important to build a basic workshop that will participate in this project. Platform users will be ready to receive a gift of Mozo tokens to visit the trading platform and purchase insurance products. These stores can accept Mozo tokens as a means of payment: this project is innovative and chop-chop gaining momentum.

How does Mozo work

Mozo offers retailers and store operators the ability to manage and increase their traffic. By giving the Token Mozo a legacy to visit, browse (open) and buy, customers get an associate-level incentive to travel wherever you direct them. The customer will accumulate the Mozo token and redeem it with offers, discounts, and promotions. Mozo-token: token-based utility running on the Ethereum chain. this means the launch of the price of the Mozo app, the currency will be used not only in the secure store, but will also be mentioned on a known exchange.

If you would like more information about this project and you would like to get information on technical specifications and other interesting information, we can only encourage you to read detailed reports that you can use to get an idea of ​​the size of the project and its possible expansion. application We invite you to visit WHITEPAPER and contact us through the Telegram group. Do not miss the great opportunity this great team has to offer you.

Who will like Mozo

Mozo will benefit wherever it wants to optimize and improve the flow of normal customers. This implies that Mozo will facilitate small individual stores and large retailers in larger locations, comparable to shopping centers, stadiums and even entire countries through commercial establishments. Customers love the fact that the project’s internal currency can be converted into a payment instrument. It would be very easy to make the necessary purchases to exploit a mobile app.

How relevant is the project

Some time ago, mobile app testing and advanced bits for each reseller and customer have ended, all of them have passed the industry test. Brobding leads the Wanda cluster, the main Chinese store and 361, the most important shoe and footwear store in China. The suite of indoor placement devices (IPS) has an unmatched precision between square measurements and one-second intervals. Our pilot with many stores in 361 created a 20% increase in traffic revenue from people watching and walking.

What is not a flare and why is it important

The touch beacon can be a non-intrusive device that allows you to switch and talk with an alternative device, proportional to the phone. Our beacons use our leading IPS technology (internal positioning) to talk with customers about our Mozo application exploits. After customers visit the market, they will be rewarded Tokens Mosio. Once this customer finds things connected to at least one of our beacons, product information is filled in his phone in addition to the prizes issued by the venue. This beacon lets customers move with stores and places in a very new way.

What is the app for Mozo token

The first application of Token Mozo is that the basic responses support Mozo’s rewards, looking for shopping centers that enhance and manage the movement of tourists. The Mozilla Token will be used as an inheritance and will be stored by distributors who collaborate within the Mozo network. with the exception of this purpose, the Mozo tokens may be redeemed as gifts or purchased and sold through selected exchange platforms.

Mozo-token associated with Bitcoin or Everymom

Mozilla tokens can be separate tokens one by one, very different from Bitcoin or Ethereum. You will only receive a Mozilla token when getting the selected coin or when interacting with partners in our ecosystem. Each Mozo token is an associate type ERC-20, so it’s simply transferred to the etereum chain network, which means that it will be purchased with every bitcoin and Ethereum currency.

ICO and Token Information

The Mozilla Token has the ERC-20 standard, so it is easily transferred to the Ethereum blockchain network.

There will be two ICO processes.

ICO’s first sales process: the maximum limit is $ 42 million. And the token price is $ 0.09. In this process, there will be two separate sales. One of them is presale between May 8, 2018 and July 10, 2018. The second is crowdsale, which will occur between July 11, 2018 and July 18, 2018. In the first ICO, the token’s target number to be sold is $ 700 million.

The second phase of ICO will be the fourth quarter of 2018. The token price will be $ 0.12. And the maximum limit is $ 46 million. The target number of tokens sold is $ 550 million. In this period there will be no presale. Crowdsale will be fixed.

Crowdsale Bonus

20% Best Deal

50 ETH / 5 BTC or more in one transaction 10%

Popular 1 ETH / 0.1 BTC or more in one transaction

No Bonus 0.1 ETH / 0.01 BTC or more in one transaction


Mozo can benefit any venue looking to optimize and increase their foot traffic. This means Mozo can help individual “mom and pop” stores and big retailers to much larger venues such as malls, stadiums, and even whole countries through tourism. Consumers benefit by now having a cross-merchant, tradeable, and redeemable token right in their digital wallet.


Giang Phung – CEO

Daniel Carroll – CFO

Thang Ton – CTO

Danny Do – CMO

Jake Byongsok Yu – CEO – Korea

Trang Le – Product Manager

Rebecca Chen – Public Relations

Dylan Jorn – Digital Marketing – USA

Beam Woo Choi – Digital Marketing – Korea

Hyun Min Roh – Digital Marketing – Korea

Que Tran – Great Data Scientist

An Tran – Core Developers

Mr. Truong – Core Developers

Toan Tran – Core Developers

Truc Thai – Core Developers

Danh Ngo – Developer of Blockchain

Vu Nguyen – Blockchain Developer

Thai Phan – Developer of Blockchain

Dang Ngo – Mobile App Developers

Tuan Mai – Mobile App Developers

Mr. Nguyen – Web Developer

Thuc Anh – Web Developer

Tam Truong – Designer UX / UI

In Hyuk Jeong – UX / UI Designer – Korea

Kyu Ho Lee – UX / UI Designer – Korea

Advisory Team

Avishai Ziv

Chong Kuan Yew

James Phung

Chi Ngo

Daein Jeong

Steven Moustakas

Lee Mun-Young

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