NRC is a peer-to-peer application that allows anyone to buy and sell it in exchange to national currencies or alternative crypto currencies. Similar to Bit-coin; no one controls it; it is a decentralized currency, which means that no big bank or institution can get a hold of your money. NRC, is
now a part of NOOR- CAPITAL (Regulated by Central Bank of UAE) has trusted and invested on NRC and will accept NRC is one of the major payment of its services.

Noor Capital PSC is a Private Joint Stock Company incorporated under the Laws of the United Arab Emirates; The Company is registered with the Department of Economic Development of Abu Dhabi under the License No. 1003525. Noor Capital is authorized and regulated by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates under registration number 13/188/2011 to conduct Banking, Financial Investment and Consultancy as well as Financial and Monetary Intermediary Business. Since 2005, Noor Capital has carved a distinctive reputation for transparency and superior financial services. The recent launch of its derivative business driven by Noor Capital’s visionary management goes in line with the continuous growth of the online trading industry. Noor Capital has committed itself to satisfy the increasing interest of investors in the GCC and around the Globe, providing an unparalleled access to financial investments worldwide.

NRRCOIN – Introduces E-Property

in India You can buy this Indian property by paying NRCCOIN.
NRCCOIN is based in USA, HEAD OFFICE in 364 E Main Street, Suite 1010, Middletown, DE, 19709, U.S.A and even NOOR- CAPITAL (Regulated by Central Bank of UAE) has trusted and invested on NRCCOIN and will accept NRCCOIN as one of the major payment of its services.

NRCCOIN has confirmed a joint collaboration with Khushi Developers managing by head of sales Mr. Irshad Bagasrawala a Real Estate Company in Mumbai- INDIA (Launched many projects like Khushi Aangan, Khushi Paradise, Bhagya Apartments) to become the first Real Estate Developers in INDIA to accept NRCCOIN as a mode of payment gateway for their project Khushi Aangan located Palghar District – Maharashtra, India consisting of 1&2 Bedrooms Flat with all modern amenities starting from NRC 19,900/- (1 NRC = 1 USD ) onwards as per March 2018.

Please View the Images of the Actual Flat ready for Possession:
Khushi Group is a very professional organization synonym with trust & quality. We believe that a person buy’s a home to fulfill his greatest desire of life time; the company carries the vision to create edifices of magnificence art of architecture & science of construction complementing a modern & conventional life style.

We are Pathfinders
Creating the Future Changing the World
Secured Payment Online
NRC Debit Card Integrated with MasterCard/Visa Network Instant Withdrawal and Deposit (Globally).
First Online Certification Exam in MENA Region in Forex Market.
Provide Credit to trade in FX Market – Conditions Apply
Provide Formation of Company in US with Bank Account

Investor’s Journey

Open Account – Investor should open an account in NRC to buy a product.

Create Wallet – Investor should create Electronic Wallet in NRC.

Deposit Money -Investor should deposit money in his wallet by bank transfer or debit card/credit card.

Transfer NRC – Investor can transfer money from his wallet to any address wallet immediately.

Exclusive Features
Smart Design:
Aim for simplicity and Easy to use.

Independent currency:

Account cannot be frozen.
Integration with Debit Cards.

Secure transactions:


Little to no transaction fees:

Perfect for sending money overseas or travelling


Transfer to anyone & anywhere immediately.
Exchange :
Exchange NRC to Currency, other digital currency
Integration of other fiat Currency.
NRC issue Debit card & Integrated with Master Card/Visa Network.
API Connectivity with Regulated Crypto Currency Exchange.


Road Map NRC Coin

August 2015
The team start building their own cryptocurrency, forked from Github

October 2015
ENG A AS buys his first Bitcoins and starts his interest in crypyocurrency.

January 2016
Bitcoin has nearly doubled in value since ENG A AS first introduced the team. Our own cryptocurrency still has no name but it is now working in our server rack.

April 2016
Research of NRC COINS started

July 2016
Bitcoin has trebled in value since we started looking at cryptocurrencies. We formally decide to get involved in developing a cryptocurrency with improvements over what is available.

August 2016
The team choose the open source Github improvements in cryptonote as the basis for their new currency – NRC COIN

Septemeber 2016
It is decided that mobile ubiquity is what we must build our currency around. We have been calling it “NRC”.

January 2017
We have formally raised the initial investment required to launch our cryptocurrency. Planned for summer 2017.

March 2017
We have a working model of our cryptocurrency, doing something what nobody else is doing anywhere in the world.

April 2017
Premined NRCCOIN and creating Blockchain and testing source code.

June 2017
Discovering there is a little known cryptocurrency called “Noorcoin” we rename our project “NRC COIN” to ensure we differentiate ourselves from them

September 2017
NRCCOIN LLC is formed and officially takes control of the Project.

October 2017
ENG A AS Implementation of NRCCoin formulated.

October 2017
A Joint Venture Collaboration with NOOR CAPITAL talks begins with Mr. Abdulla Suwaidi directing the whole development and strategy path.

October 2017
Research of NRCCOINS started and development of NRC Coins begins.

November 2017
Executing Marketing Plan to generate Market Supply and demand for NRC COINS

December 2017
Created Forex Trading Formation Program and various Online Forex Market Certification Programs.

December 2017
A Joint Collaboration with India’s Property Developers to accept NRC COINS as their Payment gateways successful

December 2017
Joint Collaboration with Noor Capital is formed and officially takes control of the project

January-March 2018
Launching ICO of NRC Coins to the public. Start Listing process to the trading platform. Trade and Deposit NRC In Your Wallet.

April-June 2018
Launching of NRC Coins for E-Education Service. The Complete Financial Independent Program for Everyone.Maximize Your Profit With NRC

July-September 2018
Launching of NRC Coins for E-Shop Service. BUY/SELL Products & Services through NRCCOIN. The World In Your Hand

October-December 2018
Launching of NRC Coins for E-Property Service. BUY/SELL Property through NRCCOIN. Own Your Dream Home With NRC

January-March 2019
Launching of NRC Coins for E-Gold. BUY/SELL Gold through NRCCOIN. Buy Gold With NRC In Seconds

April-June 2019 Forward
Continuous opening New Investment opportunities by utilizing NRC Coin.Financial Independent Life for Everyone.

About Abdulla Al Suwaidi 

Abdulla Al Suwaidi is a member of the Board of Directors of Commercial Bank International PJSC, UAE, and is the Executive Director of Strategy and Chief Operations Officer at Noor Capital. He is also the Founder of Excellence Target; a leading Management-Consulting and Training firm, one of the industry leaders in the UAE. Abdulla Al Suwaidi has vast experience in Senior Leadership roles within the Government & Private Sector spanning over 20 years. He also has Local & International experience in Operations Management, Engineering, Investment, Business Development and Project Management.He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering Management and a Masters’ Degree in Total Quality Management. He previously held several leading positions in Abu Dhabi Company for Petroleum Oil Operations (ADCO), Abu Dhabi Municipality and Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai.

Abdulla Al Suwaidi

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