Nucleus Vision – Connecting the Unconnected

What is Nucleus Vision?

Nucleus Vision is a project, founded in 2014 at Harvard University. With their end-to-end technology solution, Nucleus Vision captures and provides previously unaccessed data to retailers, by using the blockchain and the real time sensor technology. Special about this technology is that it is independent on RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification), WiFi, Blueetooth and facial recognition technologies. Also by using the blockchain, Nucleus Vision is able to secure consumers privacy and at the same time can reward loyal customers through the network with their cryptocurrency called nCash (more information about nCash below). As an example this official video by Nucleus Vision demonstrates in an easy to understand way, how this project works and can be realized.

In stores consultants are ready to offer us anything from the range, but often offer not exactly what we need.

The Nucleus Vision ecosystem has been created to improve service in retail outlets. It is based on the work of IoT sensors that allow retailers to recognize the preferences of their customers.

Working principle:

  • Sensors are installed at the outlet;
  • Sensors in turn recognize customer preferences;
  • The data is transferred in a secure way to the seller;
  • The operation of the sensors is real-time;
  • The client receives offers according to his wishes.

The goal of the company is the passage of the abyss between retail online and offline sales.

Project Features:

  • No barriers to entry;
  • provision of anonymous intelligence;
  • Easy to install;
  • Data transmission with the help of blockchain technology;
  • Work with all device models.

Road Map Description:

  • 2013 Foundation of the project at Harvard University in Boston;
  • 2014 – Tim Draper financed the project;
  • 2015 Confirmation of the system concept;
  • 2016 Complete development of the project;
  • 2017 The system was installed in ten stores;
  • 2018 – Growth of retail sales and sale of cryptocurrency;
  • 2019 – Large-scale expansion of sales;
  • 2020 Increased physical security;
  • 2021 – Retail and physical security scaling;
  • 2022 expansion worldwide.

Implementation of ICO.

The Nucleus ecosystem currency is represented by the Ncash token of the ERC20 type. You can buy it for jeterium. Token issuance is 10 billion ncash. Pre-ICO is completed, on its results collected 30 million dollars, the maximum goal-40 million dollars. ICO is planned for the first quarter of 2018.

Current achievements and roadmap:

So far Nucleus Vision has achieved quite a lot. But still their a lots of tasks that still needs to be done. One of the upcoming goals are to expand their number of retails and also to expand globally. A full roadmap from Nucleus Vision can be seen here. Please note that their roadmap has not been fully updated yet, since the token sale has just ended successfully.

This live data, that can be found on the official website of Nucleus Vision shows their current retail and what they already have achived so far.

My opinion:

In my opinion, Nucleus Vision is currently one of the most promising projects based on the blockchain. Their team looks very solid and so far they already have a real use-case with currently 10 live retail stores. Also since their ICO was such a great success and has gained a lot of media coverage, I truly think that Nucleus Vision will continually grow and also be successfull in the near future. I wish this project a bright future. So in conclusion: “Let’s connect the unconnected!”

Further information:

For further information about this project, please take a look at their official website. There you also will find current announcements by the team as well as the updated wallpaper about Nucleus Vision.

NUCLEUS.VISION is starting the Official Bounty Program in order to reward BitcoinTalk Supporters, and we have one of the biggest Bounty Pools to be ever awarded on Bitcointalk!
At Nucleus Vision, we would like to foster a community of crypto enthusiasts, system engineers, application developers, researchers, thinkers, writers and other collaborators around Nucleus Vision for its future development and adoption. To show appreciation to our early supporters and facilitate our community building, we are pleased to launch our bounty program. We are committed to building a strong and active community and your help is critical to achieving this.

The bounty program will continue to run post the completion of our token-sale, starting from 25th Nov 2017. To ensure transparency, we will maintain a points table and make it available to the community for scrutiny. At the end of each week during the program, we will update the points table for members to keep track of their achievements and help resolve contentious issues in a timely manner. Bounty will be distributed to participants after Nucleus’s Token Generation Event.

A total of 1% nCash Tokens from the Total Supply of nCash Tokens are reserved for the Bounty Campaigns. If the hard cap is reached, that amounts to 100M nCash Tokens @USD 0.01.

Total Bounty Pool will be divided As Follows:

20%: Reddit Campaign
10%: Twitter Campaign
5%: Telegram Campaign (Now Closed)
5%: Facebook Campaign
15%: Creative Campaign (Artwork and Videos)
10%: Bug Hunt and Creative Development (Now Closed)
20%: Articles, Reviews, Publications
10%: Translation Campaign (Now Closed)
5%: Signature Campaign

Website :

username : riyanlele

my profile bitcointalk;u=1588149

Wallet Address :0x910a197Bc34c57F1C821ed5689F0B317b6D86729

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