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ONE SHARE brings together a team of professional traders and a community of thousands of people. One Share intends to manage a crypto investment fund. As an investment fund, One Share intends to allocate resources to profitable projects, even if it is from third parties. The platform on which an individual can publish ideas or projects in order to start a partnership, One Share will analyze all proposals and discuss with investors.The central idea of ​​One Share is to share solutions and realized achievements with investors.


Ico Entrepreneurs Raise Money And Deliver Very Little.

There are several good crypto projects that launch an ICO for a token or new blockchain tecnology, many of these projects raise millions of dollars conducting ICO and deliver very little to their initial investors. One of the major problems is the lack of investor participation. What do they do with all the millions dollars collected by ICO? None of these Groups behind these projects allows investors to have a share in the company’s profits and decisions.

ICO Cashout For Fiat And Exit Scam.

Many of these ICOs cashout the entire ETH collected to fiat, bringing down the crypto market and devaluing the overall market. They often just disappear in what is known as the exit scam. They leave investors with a shitcoins in hands that from day to night, devalue 95% and become ghost ships in exchanges.


An Hedged Mutual Fund To Crypto Equity & Dapps Projects.
There are several groups of people/entite who come together to form investment funds to invest in others companies, startups, stock market, bonds.How about to form a democratic Mutual fund devoted to the crypto espectro?

To Invest In Anything In Crypto And Blockchain.

Our initial project to be developed is a decentralized voting and decisionmaking platform.

Why A Mutual Fund In Crypto?

Some banks have begun to offer, albeit timidly, funds in crypto. Large groups of investors of all kinds are starting to see the market’s potential in crypto and funds are being formed by strides. The crypto securities market, the altcoins market, has a great opportunity for profit, the market is maturing, and having funds invested in crypto is beneficial to the system.

Mutual Funds from Stock to Crypto

A crypto mutual fund can not simply import how the stock market works, it needs to understand the particularities of this intense and never-sleeping market. Our aims is a constant sharing of information, exchange of ideas between investors and the team. We aims to create a democratic space where we can discuss the designs and products of different cryptocurrencies. Choose the most noteworthy projects to form a portfolio trade, the duration of a portfolio, objectives and
targets. And most importantly, we adapt to the frequent oscillations that are usual to the cryptocurrencies market.

A Token To Share Decisions And Profits.

ONE SHARE combines a team of professional Traders and a community of thousands of people together to find the perfect experience. We intends to manage a crypto investment fund that benefits its investors.

As an investment fund, we intend to allocate resources in profitable projects, even if it is from third parties. A platform where individual can access to apply their idea, or project, with the intention of obtaining partnership to start, we will analyze all the proposals and discuss with the investors (holders) of the One Share token.

The central idea is to share the decisions and the realized gains with the investors. Much more than an Initial Token Offer to distribute ONE SHARE Token, our project aims to share the project’s ownnership with investors. Participating in our ICO is also having a share of the project, and with that, participate in the decisions and the gains. A decentralized enterprise.


The investments will follow the market, the duration of investments (trading crypto securities) will be dependent and decided for momentum, but ains at medium to long-term investment. Showing transparency, ONE Team will share daily/weekly information and balance of gains and losses fo all the trades made, and disclosed at the ONE FORUM and others social medias. The main objective is to be the largest mutual investment fund in crypto securities, where investors have voting rights and a share of the ONE FUND’s gains.


By definition, shareholder is a person who owns shares in a company and therefore gets part of the company’s profits and the right to vote on how the company is controlled.When somebody buy ONE SHARE Token and hold it in our smart contract or others means availables or ESCROW, becomes a SHAREHOLDER and gets part of the ONE FUND’s profits, it is mean, is entitled to gain a dividends of ONE FUND’s investments after some time. Everyone who acquires ONE SHARE Tokens in the ICO or late in exchanges is able to gain part of the profits of each quarter if hold the
tokens for the time requested.

The Minimum Hold Time Requered To Receive Net Income Of The Profits is 1 Month (30 Days).

It will be necessary to keep ONE SHARE locked by a contract or others means offered or ESCROW, it is mean, to agree to keep ONE SHARE for the time that the quarter lasts to have a share of the profits. At the end of each quarter, ONE SHARE can be redeemed back to Ethereum Address (investor address) and holders receive the SHAREHOLDER profit in ETH, BTC or even USDT accord to amount of ONE SHARe tokens was locked.


Hold is part of how the SHAREHOLDER Protocol works and how it can benefit investors. The profits are distributed after each period (Quarter) to all investors who have ONE SHARW tokens. To do so, investors needed to keep the tokens in theirs own wallets. Tokens keept in exchanges is not elegible to share of the profits. Instructions on how to proceed will be widely published on the website each quarter.

At end of each period of investment shareholders get back ONE SHARE tokens and a share of growth of the one fund.

ICO Details

General information

Token: ONE

Platform: Ethereum

Standard: ERC20

Quantity: 300,000,000 ONE

Price: 1 ONE = 0.04 USD


Soft cap: 25,000,000 ONE

Hard cap: 165,000,000 ONE



Quantity: 17,500,000 ONE

Start: 09/15/2018

Completion: 9/29/2018


September 2018

Q4 2018
Forum (Beta) The forum is an integral part of the shareholders will be able to exchange ideas and participate in the decisions of the fund. The original version will be created during the ICO course. Over time, we will add more functionality to the forum. This will always be a beta project.

Q4 2018
Fund. The fund will be known at the end of the ICO. Here begins our way of decentralized e-business.

Q4 2018
The voting platform (beta version) In the coming months after the ICO, we are going to work hard on a democratic platform for voting. Important investment decisions will be held with the shareholders. Everyone holds one TOKEN shares of the right of duty and the right to determine the direction of the company. This first platform will be just a glimpse of the most ambitious project for conducting surveys about the chain of decentralized blockade ecosystem.

End of Q4 2018
Distribution of the first net income. The total amount of the realized profit received from one Application of the Fund in the 4th quarter will be disclosed and corresponding to the published increases in the one that participated in the ICO. At this stage only ICO investors will take part of the profit. Net income will always be distributed at the end of each quarter. The following quarters are necessary, in order to be eligible for the realized profit, to keep one share of the TOKEN in your personal wallet.

Q1 2019
Minutes of shareholders. In After the first distribution of net profit ICO investors to have a share in one of the Decisions / Fund income will be required to Hold one Token shares in a private purse. The shareholders’ protocol establishes the duality of the Token of one share, A of the crypto currency, and also the asset, of the crypto shares for trading on the market and represents the share of ownership of one Fund.

Q2 2019
One stock index. Exchange platform in real time. An ambitious project, starting in 2019, the creation of an investment platform for trading portfolios of crypto-currencies. The parameter will be the product of constant debate in our forum.

Q4 2019
The most advanced platform for voting DApp decision making in Blochein. The revolution is how to conduct a survey of public opinion. This will be our most important project developed, a unique Application Platform system in the blockroom for carrying out a search, query, research, polls by voting. this platform has a number of practical applications, strategic decisions taken by the company, public opinion polls a wide variety of surveys of situations. This platform will help to manage the hybrid and decentralized management of the company.


João Almeida
Founder and CEO

Deniz Yildiz
Co-Founder and CFO

Guto Moniz
Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Social Marketing

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