Petlife is an international veterinary telemedicine marketplace based on blockchain technology. The service allows for remote consultations in real time, solves the problems of the shortage and quality of veterinary care. We plan to unite veterinarians in Europe, Asia and North America. The blockchain and telemedicine will act as a link between doctors and patients.

We will present more than 30 veterinary specialties and areas, such as surgery, therapy, radiation diagnosis, rehabilitation, oncology. Doctors will be able to advise pet owners to solve frequent and rare health problems of their pets: vaccinations, condition after surgery, suspicion of blotting of intestines, poisoning with household chemicals, treatment of worm infestations, itchy skin. The owner of the animal will be able to send medical information necessary for a qualified conclusion: medical reports, radiographs, computed tomograms, ultrasound images, laboratory and magnetic resonance imaging. The platform for the provision of medical veterinary care works 24/7/365.


Telemedicine OU is a company officially registered under the law of Estonia and it has been given its own ID number – 14514949. Our company has passed the inspection implemented by Estonian Police and Border Guard Board and has gained the right to place the Trusted e-Residency Company logo on the website


Choosing a vet and method of communication

The owner of the animal chooses a specialist – general or highly specialized, for example, a surgeon, a dermatologist, an oncologist, a convenient time from the schedule and method of communication – video consultation, online chat or conversation.


The veterinarian will examine the veterinary card, history, previous studies and appointments, interview complaints and ask about the condition of the pet, and after consultation will prepare a detailed report, an electronic recipe and give all the recommendations.

Information storage

The electronic medical record will preserve the entire course of treatment, the dynamics of changes that will be made by the attending veterinarians and the owner of the animal and will mark everyone who participated in the treatment of the animal. The veterinary card will go along with the pet on sale.

Why is there a blockchain

For data storage. Veterinary map: reports of veterinarians, preoperative epicrisis and operation protocols, results of ultrasound, functional and X-ray diagnostics, recipes, appointments and recommendations. The Petlife App will update the entire block chain in real time and show the dynamics of the treatment or the condition of the animal.

For the therapeutic process. Access to medical data and veterinary card. The immutability of the chain allows the doctor to assess the quality of treatment, to prepare a competent response or report for judicial proceedings. The veterinary map is a clinical tool for monitoring the quality of treatment, tracking the dynamics of previous treatment, and monitoring results.

To pay for services. The solution of 2 tasks related to the payment of services of veterinarians:

  • Direct cross-border payments without international currency conversion fees
  • Express payment between participants of veterinary care, such as insurance companies, clinics and pharmaceutical companies.

Developed and decentralized on Blockchain platform
Machine learning and big data for clinical support systems
Complete electronic medical record
Payment with PETL tokens
Open Source platform, API
Means of communication for online-consultation: video, chat
Key features

Remote consultation

Diagnose, determine the course of treatment, analyze research and give recommendations remotely.


The cost, the beginning of the consultation, the time of admission, the profile of the patient, the doctor himself indicates.

Emergency help

The doctor will receive an instant message, even if not online. If the vet is unable to respond quickly, other specialists will receive this message.

Video conference

The pet’s doctor will evaluate the general condition and mobility, write out a prescription, prepare a treatment plan and give recommendations.

Data integrity

Smart contracts are encrypted and distributed between nodes. This ensures that the node will not be lost or changed without permission.

Billing system

Payment and invoicing in fiat funds or cryptocurrency.


Prevention. Use your card to consult with veterinarians on vaccination, medication, proper care and nutririon. Treatment in our partner clinics


Consultation with doctors and service in partner clinics: intravenous, subcutaneous and intramuscular injection, infusion, antiparasitic and therapeutic treatment, physical therapy

100 PETL

Laboratory tests, x-ray and ultrasound examinations, “Second Opinion” service

500 PETL
Specialized doctors

Treatment course. Remote consultation of veterinary surgeon, ophthalmologist, dermatologist and rehabilitation therapist

1000 PETL

Course of treatment. Online case conference of surgeons and determining the most optimal plan of surgery. Surgery services at our partner clinics. Remote consultations of rehabilitation therapists

3000 PETL

Create your card

You can specify any amount of PETL tokens

ICO details

General information
Token: PETL
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC-20
Quantity: 143,000,000 PETL
Price: 1 PETL = 0.2 USD
Payment: Eth
Soft cap: 4,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 15,000,000 USD
KYC: there is
Quantity: 28,500,000 PETL
Start: 01.09.2018
Completion: 09/30/2018
Quantity: 45,200,000 PETL
Start: 10/01/2018
Completion: 11/30/2018


February 2017
May 2017
Business plan
October 2017
The release of the alpha version of the platform
February 2018
The concept of a beta version of the platform, clinical protocols
March 2018
Testing – problems with medical records, Changes – blockchain for veterinary medicine
July 2018
Veterinary community reviews after clinical testing, MVP
August 2018
Non-public investment attraction
August 2018
Start of monetization in the Russian Federation.
August-September 2018
Issuing and selling tokens
September-November 2018
Start of monetization in Europe
October 2018
Running Petlife
November 2018
ICO, Blockchain alpha version of IOS and Android applications
December 2018
Blockchain alpha version of the application, the launch of a marketing company for MVP
January 2019
Mobile application with veterinary blockchain card
March 2019
Blockchain beta version of the application, the start of the marketing company of the final version of the product
April 2019
Blockchain beta version of IOS and Android applications, start monetization of the final version of the project
July 2019
Testing the beta version of the mobile application
September-November 2019
Start of monetization in the USA
Q3 2020
Self-sufficiency point
Q2 2021
Full payback of the project


Andrey Fedorov
Doctor and CEO

Vlad Dyachenko
Technical Director

Roman Kadikov
Head of Information Technology

Alexander Nosachevsky
Financial director

Julia Bakatova
Community Leader

Marina Kuzmicheva
Head of Content and Marketing

Victor Savostyanov
Head of Strategic Partnership

Natasha Dormidontova

Arina Kutay
Community Manager

Samvel Igityan
Full Stack Developer

Anastasia Andriyashkina
Community Manager

Daria Ladyaeva
Content manager


Bogdan fiedur
Technical Advisor

Jillian godsil
PR Advisor

Georgina Izatt
Equine Expert Advisor

Savio gomez
Strategic Advisor

Georgy Sandarovsky
Marketing and Investment Advisor

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