Regixium has solar crypto generators, which can produce many coins, 85% of the profits from production will be paid weekly to coin holders on a pro rata basis.Our AI can identify signals and can trade on behalf of the user. You are only one click away from a small profit during the day.Our RApp is supported by our own cryptic bank, which uses AI to exchange your crypto-converters in POS at great prices, paying coffee with RApp is a sensation you need to experience.

Regixium believes in the transparency of global crypto-markets. We have developed a strategy for curbing cryptocaracters by introducing insignificant fees and our own cryptographic bank. Our RApp works from an AI that will make quick transactions if it is allowed by the user, thus guaranteeing the best exchange prices available in the markets. Our socially responsible operations for extracting minerals will issue weekly payments on a pro rata basis. We believe that to ensure data security and to identify our customers as our priority, we used AI-based encryption that can not be hacked and provide the highest available security for our customers who can make transactions to millions without any concern.


We believe that system innovation is imperative in order for cryptocurrencies to gain mass acceptance. We believe that future mining operations need to be decentralized to reduce their dependency on regulations from single governments, powerful individuals, and fossil or nuclear energy.

Future crypto-mining operations need to reduce the systemic risks that result from being bound to certain coins or mining pools. Thus, Regixium strives to hand the decisive power back to the crypto-community. It must be possible for individuals to take part in crypto-mining without tremendous investments in hardware and technology. Besides broad ownership of mining operations, Regixium strives to involve the community in making decisions about key mining decisions. We therefore strive to reduce the hurdles for larger audiences to take part in the cryptocommunity.

By offering anyone the ability to take part in securing the future of the blockchain technology, RGX is laying the foundation for the future of crypto mining by designing highly mobile low-maintenance mining units and by offering our community the right to vote on core operations and for choosing the coin to mine.


The technology that RGX has developed represents the next generation of data centers — modular,mobile, flexible, low-maintenance, data-driven and therefore designed for the challenges of the future.

Our flexibility strategy is based on three technologies:

Our Decentralized AMMs offer industry 5.0 automation with little maintenance, are completely modular and have a scalable design. They manage a variety of electricity sources and are able to adapt to different climate zones. Built in a 22ft standard intermodal container, they have a proprietary, highly efficient and failsafe cooling system an intake of more than 180 KW (depending on configuration) and can turn energy into cryptocurrencies via mining or alternative data applications.

Our central hub or Single Mining cloud (SMC) manages the automated, decentralized operation of AMMs worldwide. It supports AMMs in finding the optimal mining strategy depending on the traded price of the cryptocurrency, mining difficulty, real-time energy price at location, hardware generation and many more factors. Besides data aggregation, control and optimization of MMUs, our UMC is also handling and supervising all service & maintenance operations throughout the RGX’s network.

Why Regixium Competitive Advantage

Regixium believes in transparency in the global cryptomarkets. We have developed a strategy to curb the crypto cartels by introducing negligible fees and our own crypto bank. Our RApp is powered by AI which will make swift transactions when authorized by the user thus, guaranteeing best exchange prices available across markets. Our socially responsible mining operations will give out weekly pay outs on pro rata basis. We believe in keeping secure the data and identity of our customers as our foremost priority in order to achieve this, we have employed AI based encryption which is impossible to crack and provide the highest available security to our clients who can make transactions worth millions without any worries.

  • Extreme mobility This is the only type of mobile solution that is used in standardized containers and is ready to deploy “plug-and-play” with any intensity of sunlight.
  • Effective use of solar energy Reducing the price of solar panels has reduced electricity prices in photovoltaic plants around the world. And in this case, monetize mining units can be naturally rich solar energy efficiently.
  • Remote maintenance The modern management platform all modules in one global decentralized network, which allows the company to efficiently manage the extraction of minerals. Futuristic cooling system. More than 60 times more efficient than average data centers.
  • Trading platform The Regixium trading platform will allow users to trade with insignificant fees.
  • Safe Regixium guarantees its customers the security of using their data and provides full transparency. Using modern encryption based on AI, so that your transactions and security are identical, which also means that your advice is never lost or stolen.

How it Works

We have engineered an extremely mobile mining solution, deployed in standardized containers and ready for “plug-and-play.” These units draw electricity from solar panels which are sensitive to different wavelengths of sunlight which ensure more electricity produced thus, better mining of a multitude of coins. RGX is a token with payout.Regixium has been working on AI based user interactive trading platform which will trade on the behalf of the user when authorized.The R-Bank is a revolutionary concept which will allow the use of cryptocurrency in real world through NFC or Barcode. It will also ensure that transaction fees are negligible. Crypto Bank profits will also be given out as dividends

Trading Platform

Regixium’s trading platform will enable users to trade with negligible fees because we beleive in transparency and will take steps to eradicate the crypto cartel of high fees.

Safe & Secure

Regixium takes great care and measure in keeping all your data safe and secure. We have employed state of the art AI backed encryption to keep your transactions and identity safe which also means that your assests are never misplaced or stolen. Our RApp is protected by this encryption which ensures that all accounts on our database are protected from any external threats and you can use our Banking services without a hassle.

Mining Services

You can check your payouts daily. You can choose how much profits to withdraw or reinvest.


The smallest element in RGX’s ecosystem is the mining worker. This can be an ASIC, a GPU-based mining rig or other possible future mining or cloud-computing engines.


The first generation of the RGX’s AMMs contains the RGX rig, which is an optimized mining device configured for optimal ROI efficiency. With this goal in mind, we over- or under-clock GPUs, test dualmining strategies, and reduce overhead by the operating system. New mining configurations based on this hardware can be published to all running instances worldwide by our RGX SMC automatically.


To ensure unprecedented performance, we created our own Regixium operating system (ROS) to run on our mining rigs. ROS is Linux-based and optimized for low overhead, high performance, scalability, and stability.

Regixium OS

Linux kernel

Whenever a system is brought online, it initially receives an IP address from the network. Based on a configurable URL, it sends initial status information on startup which registers the RGX rig in the ecosystem. ROS updates the ecosystem in frequent intervals. The operating system is furthermore able to recognize GPU failures and can set LED indicators to support maintenance work. If a GPU fails, ROS instantly pushes messages to the network in the standardized Regixium communication format (RCF).With the help of an in


The Regixium very own app is available to download for your iPhone or Android™ device! Now Download the new mobile app, and get the most out of your membership with special tools designed to enhance your experience.

Regixium’s RApp is optimized to be user friendly and easy to understand. Our Beta launch is in September, you are just a few clicks away from making small profits daily with our AI powered App. Our RApp is a feeling to experience.

RApp And Regixium AI

The RApp based AI is a smart cryptocurrency trading assistant service. The service consists of a signaling tool for trading opportunities associated with a mobile application and operation automation bot. The first phase of the roadmap is to allow the user to respond to a trading signal. If a user wishes to enter the trade, the first step would be to set up the amount to invest and the profit target.

Goldman Sachs of Cryptoworld

Regixium Crypto Bank

Regixium is proud to announce the foramtion of it own cryptobank where you can change your cyrpto curency to fiat and shop around the world. We guarrantee best exchange prices with the help of our AI. Now you can send and recieve payments instantly via our RApp and Bank.


Users who pay for the service using RGX tokens will get access to premium features and a first look at new beta features, among other similar benefits Users who hold in their wallets a certain amount of RGX will be able to use our service for free. Users will be able to acquire RGX tokens during the token sale phase and, after that, through cryptocurrency exchanges available on the market.

ICO Details

General information

Token: RGX

Platform: Ethereum

Standard: ERC-20

Quantity: 112,500,000 RGX

Price: 1 RGX = 0.25 USD

Payment: BTC, ETH

Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD

Hard cap: 60,000,000 USD


Start: 08/27/2018

Completion: 08/30/2018


Start: 08/30/2018

Completion: 10/09/2018


January 2017 The team began to work on the idea

July 2017 AMM have been tested

September 2017 Began work on AI

December 2017 The operations and functions of Cryptobank were completed

March 2018 Upgrading Data Mining Modules

April 2018 All systems were successfully executed at the same time

August-September 2018 Advance Sale / ICO

September 2018 Beta Lauch from RApp and listing on business and beertech

October 2018 Mountain services start with payments

December 2018 Focus shifted to R & D for a sustainable future


Ashley Jacob

James Powell
Lead Developer

Diane McCoy
Director Finance

Monica Mendez
Blockchain Expert

Shawn Williamson


Mark Hurd
Oracle CEO

Brian chesky
Co-Founder AirBnB

Anthony Scaramucci
Co-Founder Sky Bridge

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