Probably everyone, who at least once was interested in the question of mining, doubted whether it is worthwhile to engage in this type of activity or not. After all, now revenue is far from the one that was before, cloud mining is giving up its position. In 2017, there was a lot of talk around this topic, there was a huge hype. Because of the rabid demand, B / W video cards cost as new from the store, and new ones are 3-5 times more than the manufacturer’s recommended price. And people bought.

But as it turned out, mining is also not a magic tablet. Equipment breaks down, consumes a bunch of electricity, and still requires constant care, cleaning, fire safety systems.Naturally, because these options are not as profitable as before, people have to look for other opportunities in order to earn. Just on the wave of this demand, and appeared SECURIX. This project offers crypto-enthusiasts a different look at the current problem.

What is Securix

SECURIX  this is a company that is engaged in the production of crypto currency, in particular Bitcoin. The plus of this company is that each investor will receive passive income, the value of which will depend on how many coins you have available. It’s simple, the more coins you keep – the more you get. These tokens will be called SRXIO. The project aims to create an honest, transparent platform so that everyone can receive their income. Once you buy this coin, you will only have to wait. 45% of the profit will be distributed to all holders of the tokens. The distribution of tokens will occur in ETH, since the token itself will be built on the ERC 20 platform.If everything goes as it says on the project’s website, then naturally, many people will want to receive such a passive income. The popularity of the coin and the crypto currency will generally grow, and this is very good for all market participants.

The mining centers will be located in the Netherlands, because this country has advantages over other countries, namely:

  1. According to statistics, it is there that the least downtime of equipment is due to a power outage.
  2. European, which means a high level of infrastructure.
  3. The country offers good conditions for those who want to formalize a business there.

Photo of the building where the equipment will be located see below:

There are 10,500 square meters of area (This is a hectare of area ) 
There are 3 floors and the possibility to connect up to 10 MEGAVATT  equipment.


Europe, Holland The Netherlands


The Netherlands/Holland is well known for its consensus models in politics and economics.Our choice for the mining location is based on four considerations: strategic placement, safety, security and scalability


To ensure successful execution of its ambitious business goals, the company’s management and staff members are living and working in the same country as the mining operation: the Netherlands.

With a highly committed and vested group of founders, Securix is already ahead of its roadmap,having upgraded their infrastructure and electricity



The EAN-to-EAN platform is a decentralised platform with fewer parties involved. We purchase directly from the green generator. Without intermediaries. Our energy is delivered virtually through the electricity grid.

From the supplier power connection called EAN number to our EAN numbers.

Safe and secure to our mining location.We aim for responsibility, sustainability and profitability



Not following roadmap

No clear future vision

Hidden cost structure

Lack of communication after ICO


Most ICO’s don’t have a real product during the crowdsale. They can change their vision and strategies. Securix has a real product and we need to maintain our mining facility for our token holders to maximize the output.So following the roadmap is crucial for Securix, as the interest of the founders are the same as everyone else! They are also token holders and benefit from a very successful mining operation.

The crypto mining has a clear future. As Securix we are dependent of the mining market. Securix has a clear vision to maximize output by re-investing and the buyback burning program, which ensures the best return on investment for the token holders.

Up till now our competitors are using a netto profit based profit split. As token holder you are paying the costs.It can be unclear what those costs are as they are not revealed. Our approach is unique.We have a gross Revenue share! No hidden costs, all the risks and costs are the entrepreneurial risks of Securix.

After the Securix crowdsale we keep our tokenholders up to date with newsletters, and inapp news and updates from our mining facility.

Features of the project

  • As in any other large enterprise, staff will be provided with 24/7 maintenance of crypto-currency production systems. This will ensure the uninterrupted operation of farms and get investors the maximum profit for each purchased SRXIO token.
  • Naturally, mining is dangerous if you have in mind fire hazard. That is why all farms will be provided with fire fighting systems, the same designs will be made of refractory material, which will further increase safety.
  • Securix will be maximally protected against any kind of computer attacks, since each attack is a risk of losing investors’ funds, and the project can not afford it. A special department with professionals will be created to deal with cybersecurity issues.
  • And finally, of course, an industrial ventilation system will be created to ensure that the equipment works durably and with the least number of failures.

APP application

As a bonus, every user will be able to download and use the mobile application – the  purse SECURIX MEGA VAULT WALLET . This will be a purse for SRXIO tokens. With this wallet, each user can see the balance of their tokens, earned tokens and have additional functionality.

The functional will consist of checking the network power level, the number of BTCs produced and, in general, the monitoring of the system. It is also planned to open an internal exchange DCE Exchange, where users can buy or sell different tokens or coins, or exchange them for real-time fiat funds.



Go to registration on and sign up for participation in the crowdsale.

ERC-20 wallet

You must have an ERC-20 compatible wallet to participate in the crowdsale. You can acquire a ERC-20 wallet at


Transfer the amount of cryptocurrency as per instructions that you wish to spend on SRXIO tokens.After the successful transaction await the confirmation from Securix.

Receive SRXIO

After you receive the confirmation from Securix that your funds has been cleared, you will see the SRXIO tokens
in the wallet you’ve provided. Enjoy the SRXIO token with monthly pay out.

How will the tokens be used

Tokens as a percentage will be used as follows:

45% will be distributed between investors

10% will be spent on the development of the project (upgrade and upgrade of equipment, etc.)

37 (28 + 9)% will be spent on electricity, consumables and other necessary for functioning farm things.

8% SECURIX will take away as a profit.

Sale Tokens

Token – SRXIO

Presale – August 4, 2018 – September 6, 2018

Token Season – September 7, 2018 – October 31, 2018

Price of the Token – $ 1

The minimum amount of fees – $ 3 000 000 The

maximum amount of fees – $ 42 350 000

Created tokens – 55 000 000 SRXI O ( unsold tokens will be burned )

Distribution of tokens:

77% – sale of

15% – founders ( blocked for a year, after that will be available at 5% of the total amount per month )

6% – research and development of the project

2% – bounty


Jacobus Donkersloot
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Damian Strauss
Founder and Chief Operations Officer


Marcel Schoenmaker
Technology Architect / IT Manager

Danny van den
Business Manager

Brenda Stad

Accounting and Finance

Jacky Lu
Asia Pacific Regional

Sascha Bouman
Business Manager

Andrei Kovalevski
Marketing Manager

Gleb Raskin
Digital Marketer

Jack Tonge
Graphic Designer


Jimmy Cox
DTS Tax Solutions

Hendrick Jan Duijn
DTS Tax Solutions

Boyan Josic
ICO Advisor Mogul Media,
JOSIC Media,

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