This Tachain platform is global and decentralized, is used to manage the cumulative points and loyalty programs. After analyzing a large amount of loyalty programs from various points, the developer did not find a good application. This leads to direct damage to the user, as well as the fact that a loyalty program is not successfully implemented and responsibility towards the company increases.

Let’s see how these projects represent the value for such a system and how this project is different from the platform block project, similar to the integration of the score. All Tachain users can exchange points or miles that they received from the affiliate program, to token Tachain or otherwise, Exchange Your tokens for points in the affiliate program. Users can use the Tachain to buy products in the affiliate program. Affiliate program would benefit from more opportunities provided by the marketing, promotion, and shopping.

What problems are resolved Tachain Project

Below are the issues that are identified. The increase in liabilities of the company: the points that are not used are recorded as liabilities. Due to the fact that points the customer becomes less and less attractive, the obligation of the company to be more significant and have a negative impact on their financial assessment. Low-performance loyalty program: this is due to the low use of score, the company can not achieve performance loyalty program, as expected. low productivity, how to put social costs for clients and businesses.

Complexity of control points: average 29 registered, differ, making it difficult to control the points and leads to the fact that goggles is expired. Benefits will be provided by these platforms. Users and companies can use the seat platform. Users can exchange their points for Token Sales Tachain (TCHN) or use your points in Shop points. Users get access to promotion through advertising channels for access to ads from companies that are interested.

Solution Completed Tachain Project

Tachain Wallet lets you manage and integrate numerous partners at once. The company has access to more customers, allowing them to quickly sell their products on the pointer. Tachain exchange model helps companies effectively reducing their liability. Partners can encourage greater loyalty to prospective customers by using bait and storage tasks.


Tachain this is the platform that uses the blocks to solve problems associated with the direct damage to the user, and loyalty program implemented by the poor and increase liability to the company as a result of using too many loyalty programs. Tachain Integrating the sales point in the Tachain Token (TCHN) and provides loyalty programs to the user. For the least expensive with maximum security. In addition to reliability and transaction costs low, Tachain circuit blocks use technology to eliminate the middlemen, providing users and partners with more reasonable results.

Points and miles is mainly used in our economic activities. According to the survey, two-thirds of the average Americans use a points system from 30 different companies. For example, when flying in a plane for a business trip, use a credit card or in the online store points collected at any time. Usually these items receive a certain percentage of the amount of the purchase when we purchase goods and services. For customers, the score reduces the price of goods, allowing them to use the points in the future as cash to buy goods and services. For businesses, they can expect increased customer loyalty and can encourage customers to focus on their service.

Tachain users can easily integrate and manage tokens Tachain and to the point. them to every company worldwide in the wallet Tachain users can also easily replace their glasses to the token or token Tachain Tachain for points partner. In addition, in my wallet Tachain include advertising channel that gives the partner ads or coupons to users or partners in real time. This partnership allows Tachain attract more customers and promote more of a loyalty program. In addition, users store Tachain can purchase goods or services from the partnership.

Every company we meet start using loyalty program points. The market for these items cost more than the billions and grew by 6% per year. However, this means that there are many different types of accounts, because there are a lot of businesses around the world. In desperation, the client is difficult to set up and use his glasses. Even for business, points that are not used to cause a loyalty program is lower than expected, and a bad impact on their debts. Tachain is a decentralized decision based on a key that solves the problem of the current loyalty program with the use of glasses. Main features include Takain Tachain wallet, Exchange, promotion of Tachain to feed and save. Tachain

Project Tachain is a decision blocks a decentralized, solve the problem using the loyalty program points. The main feature of Takain Tachain wallet purse, exchanges, promotions, and store Takain feed.


ICO is the best way to attract financing for projects of interest, especially for those who are driven by the community. We believe that the procedure could increase the innovation cryptocurrency crowdfunding, for attracting financing via the company ICO does not need to go through bureaucratic procedures. In addition, because ICO is done through smart contracts and blockchain, everything is transparent and the founding fathers projects get full responsibility to realize those ideas with success.

Technology has advanced further

In the transportation industry and advertising, the substantial technological leaps have been made over the years proven; However, there is no synergy between them.

Inovation travel services industry and advertising

Combining elements of the US with the latest technology, our platform produces substantially the opportunities for users and applications Tachain.


Tachain Ecosystem platform consists of several components that work together:


Tavel and management at the level of efficiency that is completely new to advanced

AdNET Platform

AdNet utilizes the latest targeting technologies


token Market for people to trade in the currency there and other crypto

Tachain The Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Tachain has made the application for the service, taxi service and users. The functionality of the application will be widened along with the growth of Tachain for a map of the course. Immediately available on the market leading applications.


Our ecosystem is devoted to empowering users to be more frequent, and also to advertise their products and services on our platform:

  • Transport providers and users for token TCHN to travel
  • Advertisers will need to access the TCHN token advertising platform and switching with the right ads
  • Users can use the token TCHN to rides, can also sell it in the market at TMARQ or at the external exchanges
  • The user token to watch and get targeted ads
  • The transport provider can sell tokens in the market TMARQ and external exchanges
  • Voltage subsystem will not be delivering long term value in the TCHN token value. This, however, will be driven by the substantial demand for token TCHN from advertisers.


The project is based on the very tachain blockchain and smart contracts. This makes it possible to ensure the transparency of the system and the implementation of financial obligations and conditions of the contract. We will also build a comprehensive IT infrastructure around blockchain to provide the best service to our customers.



Maximum supply

2 275 000 000 TCHN

Token price

Price of one TCHN is 0.01$

ICO Dates

July 2018 – October 2018

Accepted currencies



On contributions > 100 ETH


No requirements on contribution amount


$10 000 000 ($2 000 000 Softcap)



Q1 2017 Final idea

Q2 2017 Formation of the team

Q1 2018 Creation of MVP & concept proofing

Q3 2018 Launch of the crowdsale

July 2018 iOS APP release

August 2018 Android APP release

Q4 2018 End of the token sale

Q4 2018 AdNet launch

Q2 2019 Launch of TMARQ

Q4 2019 Advertising in public transports

Q1 2020 Augumented reality advertising

Q4 2020 Tachain Flame release

WEBSITE: https://tachain.io/
WHITEPAPER: https://tachain.io/Whitepaper.pdf
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/TAChain_EN
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/tachain6
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/tachain.io
ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4597128
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