We are willing to share our vision of the future, one that will capitalize on virtual reality (VR) technologies and blockchain. Today it is obvious to everyone how VR-related technologies are set for a rebirth, with the new and yet unexplored reality being built on their basis.

We believe that VR technologies of the future will not only be used to create and develop worlds within virtual space but will also enable us to visit exhibitions and galleries in any part of the world, test-drive cars of our choice, tour around villas and inside yachts, enroll at best universities around the globe and even go beyond all that.

Our firm belief in the great future of VR technology has led us to create the VIARIUM Platform – a virtual universe in which participants can create their own worlds. Thanks to a plethora of specially tailored solutions, any company, brand and an ordinary user will feel free to create virtual points of sale, right off the bat. Wherever in the world they are,a client will simply need to put on their virtual glasses and immediately find themselves in a shopping mall, inside a show room, at a construction site, etc., without leaving the comfort of their home.

VIARIUM is a tool that will completely replace physical space. VIARIUM consists of a single virtual space, including VR-worlds and VR-architecture of shopping centers, individual buildings, showrooms and other VR-models created by the VIARIUM platform.

The platform is designed for the widest audience. Participants and users of the project have a unique opportunity to create and develop their sales outlets and entire virtual worlds. In addition to increasing sales, they receive the opportunity for additional income.

Why blockchain

Blockchain technology in the VIARIUM project enables such features as: registration of rights to real estate property in a distributed ledger, secure, transparent and fast transactions for the sale of virtual property with funds sent through a smart contract, transparent and fair voting on various issues of the community: use of funds, blocking members with inappropriate content upon request from other members of the system, creating new territories etc.

In the future the use of blockchain will reduce the cost of server capacity by distributing the network load to multiple participating nodes.

  • Transparent and fair voting on various community issues
  • Secure, transparent and fast sale transactions for virtual real estate using payments through a smart contract
  • Creating unique virtual objects that exist in VR space with record of all the features of the object and ownership history

Viarium Use Cases


Business owners can easily create and develop sales outlets in the virtual space with the help of ready-made tools. Reduce the cost of rent, wages and logistics, decrease tax base, save time while boosting traffic.

Companies or just users can create their own world for their own shopping center and lease out spaces for virtual showrooms.

By creating their own showroom on the Viarium platform business owners can enter the international market, increase sales with minimum costs for its maintenance.


Users will get instant access to hundreds of thousands of products, visit virtual shopping centers and make purchases without leaving the comfort of their home. You just need to log in to the Viarium platform through a browser on your computer or put on VR glasses for full immersion experience.

People can satisfy the interest in the product from anywhere on the planet, while saving their time and money.

Users will be able to create and visit exhibitions, galleries and even entire cities, play VR online games, organize and visit VR themed events.


Developers of VR content/3D models can find jobs directly on the Viarium platform. To do this, you just need to publish your work samples in the marketplace where a potential customer will be able to appreciate the quality of work. Or you can offer “live” view of objects/buildings/models you created in the Genesis Land or other worlds.

We also predict a great demand on our platform for developers of bots, virtual consultants, VR widgets and other related services.


Advertisers will be able to run both visual and audio advertisements in locations with the most business traffic and in dedicated advertising spaces.


  • Users get instant access to hundreds of thousands of goods either from home or a VIARIUM “islet” at physical access points throughout the world.
  • Customers can pay for goods both with internal VRX platform tokens or fiat money.
  • In the future, the VR technologies will ensure tactile sensations in virtual space.
  • Businesses have their lease, payroll, logistic and tax costs reduced, and save time while increasing traffic.
  • No space limits exist in a virtual world. Thus the platform users are spared from excessive autocratic costs such as commercial cargo customs clearance or entry visas for travelling abroad.
  • Customers can satisfy their demand for products from any point worldwide while saving their money and time.
  • Business owners can increase net profit by reducing their costs.
  • Customer base will grow due to access to a wider consumer audience.
  • Users will be able to enjoy noncommercial goods such as, for example, objects of art, in any corner of the world. People will be able to share their inventions, collectors’ goods and other items in the comfort of their home.


Our team has elaborated the main blocks on which VIARIUM worlds can be created:

  1. Genesis Land — the first world initially based on the VIARIUM team’s server capacity, but, like all subsequent worlds, promoted to the Viarium project’s decentralized protocol. Land plots in Genesis Land are available for purchase.
  2. Software shell for incorporating new worlds.
  3. An economic model of interaction among participants in the project and its basic unit — VRX token.

A virtual space of this magnitude requires the use of a high-quality technological infrastructure for creating virtual analogues of real property registers and other essential internal services of the platform.

Ownership rights on the platform are determined by consensus mechanisms. The content will be entered into the protocol as a hash mark to the file that contains this content. Such files will be stored in blockchain using IPFS technologies ( The protocol provides for availability and use of various ethereum tokens in the network, such as ERC 20 and ERC 721, for attaining the required objectives set forth hereby.

The Viarium platform’s basic token is an ERC 20 – VRX token that not only ensures entrance to and exit from the platform, but also allows all kinds of settlements among platform participants. Apart from other things, this token makes it possible to acquire ownership of lands. The token that describes land possession is written according to the ERC 721 standard. Each token unit corresponds to a certain land plot. It means that in order to acquire lands in the Viarium universe, participants must first acquire the basic token – VRX, and only then buy land for VRX.


Token Name VIARIUM ( VRX )

Token type Utility Token

Standart ERC20

Tokens of the VIARIUM platform are issued in accordance with the standard ERC 20 on the Ethereum blockchain.

Token price1 VRX = $ 0,05

Soft Cap

1 000 000 $

Hard Cap

5 000 000 $

Total issue

250 000 000 VRX

For sale

130 000 000 VRX

Token Distribution

Bounty 02%

Advisors 03%

VIARIUM Foundation 36%

Team 03%

Token sale 52%

Founders 04%

Cost structure

Funds raised during Pre-Sale and Token Sale will be allocated to develop the project in the following proportion:

05% Contingency expenses

10% Reserve funds

15% Marketing and PR

30% VR Infrastructure

40% Opening access points


The VRX token (VIARIUM) is the project’s key component and the internal economic unit of the platform. The token is needed for settlements among platform participants. VRX is used in the following intra-platform transactions:

  • Payment of a contribution when creating a new territory In the auctions of determining the ownership of plots when creating virtual territories and in transactions of change of the owner (sale) of plots.
  • Payment of fees (if any) for creation and monetization of unique objects, marketplace fees and other payments.
  • Payment for server capacity that supports operations of the whole virtual space.
  • Payment for licenses for the use of content, if the authors have availed themselves of this alternative of monetizing their intellectual property.
  • Payment for the services of employees and various service providers of the platform.

The VIARIUM token’s value is ensured by the following characteristics of the virtual world functioning:

  • The more territories and plots thereon are actively used, the higher the market demand.
  • Growth of the sale market of graphical objects and licenses therefor.
  • Development of the market of unique virtual objects and sales thereof.
  • Growth of the trading volumes in the virtual plot and property market.
  • According to the equation of exchange, MV = PQ or MV = T, where T is the total volume of the token transaction market expressed in USD (for ease of calculation).


We invite all those interested to take part in the creation of a world of the future using the VIARIUM platform and VRX tokens. We are creating a working economic model in the real sector, not only in the virtual future. Having an operating business with an operating economic model will enable the VIARIUM company to create conditions for product development in the P2P and other directions for many years to come.

The VR technologies are in their infancy, but they will become an integral part of our life in the next few years. You may deny this or join this new world right now. Right now we already have everything that is needed for creation of virtual space.The technological development level enables corporations and brands to sell their goods to customers without any geographical or spatial boundaries while cutting down their costs. We believe that this technology will help us make our world better and also give the participants additional incentives and opportunities for living in accordance with their rules in a decentralized and free economy without artificial manmade barriers.

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