Yanu is a standalone robot barman who sells drinks. The new hardware complex YANU for bars will help you as a bar owner to serve more customers much faster, without errors and at a much lower cost.The advantages are obvious to the client: in addition to being nice to see, YANU never forgets anyone, serves your drink in half a minute, communicates with you through the app, sees you as a VIP client if you pay with our ICO tokens and even acts as your personal assistant.

Yanu Token was created to speed up the production cycle and scale up production. The company creates several options for customers in which they will benefit from the token. For example,substantial discounts when buying devices Yanu, as well as the necessary services and drinks for institutions. The company has created a secure system for converting your product offerings to Yanu tokens.


Our vision is to create a service robotics company that takes care of a number of problems in the service industry by pursuing robotics and AI development. Robolab will offer B2B services including implementation, installation, education, warranty and maintenance for companies operating in the service, hospitality and entertainment sectors willing to participate in the shift to automation for the benefit of everyone. Like any major technological revolution in history, this will also change the structure of society.

We are true believers in the many benefits of blockchain and crypto-currencies, and foresee that this change  will provide several new ways to deliver huge increases in productivity to benefit everyone.The latest blockchain solutions help us to safely hold customer data, handle personal verification services and offer greater cooperation between players in a range of fields. Our future network and token solution will facilitate such a communication and transaction revolution. All this in addition to the regular use of our tokens for discounted purchases of service robots, payments for services at hospitality enterprises or transportation hubs, and priority services at entertainment venues.


We sell, lease and maintain bar units.

This offer is suited to any client who already owns a venue and wishes to enhance their business but wants to earn all of the profit from our technology. We will set up a bar unit, train the employees to operate it and offer a cloud-based service for maintenance.
This model is suitable for clubs, bars, hotels, ships and cinemas.

We sell beverages and operate our own units.

This offer is suited to clients who own space that can be enriched with new options but who do not want to get involved in the everyday running of the bar. We will set up a bar unit in leased space and organise refills, cleaning and maintenance. We sell beverages directly to end-clients.
This model is suitable for shopping malls, airports, train stations, festival areas, sports venues and tourist attractions.

Our business philosophy
We think about and work towards long-term goals.
Our risks are managed carefully.
Transparency in reporting for stakeholders.
We value our team and want them to value our goals.
We will follow our plan through.

Yanu Platform has a copy of their data that protects them from any kind of fraud. The Yanu Token is easily and affordably as a payment guarantee for the services. Transactions are executed at any time and can therefore be exchanged from cryptocurrency to paper money directly in a user’s wallet.

The main advantages of the Yanu platform are:

  • Convenient distributed exchange based on blockchain technologies with a guaranteed copy of data for each user
  • Functional, maximally simple and profitable transactions
  • Minimum cost versus other payment methods for services – minimal or no commission in the system
  • Remittances governed by intelligent contracts
  • Reliable, integrated personal wallet for each user, where the funds are stored and from which the payment is made. The peer-to-peer system does not require a document or account for cash transactions.

Cryptocurrency is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to make money right now and a profitable way to invest. Along with Blockchain technology, it has tremendous capabilities demonstrated by the Yanu system – instant, secure transactions anytime, anywhere. An employer can quickly find a freelancer within the system, get a quality service and pay for it with Yanu Tokens.


A streamlined serving process

Less manual work

Advanced safety

Increased operational availability

Increased security and limited errors

Reduced labour costs

Much higher productivity

25% increase in weekly operating hours

Better quality of production

Decrease in material loss by 10-15%

Lower rental fees because of compact size

ICO details

General information
Token: YANU
Platform: YANU
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 400,000,000 YANU
Price: 1 YANU = 0.1 USD
Payment: BTC, ETH
Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 10,000,000 USD
KYC: Yes
Start: 10.10.2018
Completion: 11/07/2018
Start: 11.11.2018
Completion: 12.12.2018

Use Cases
  1. Buy beverages from our autonomous robot bartending unit with your YANU tokens.
  2. Buy YANU for your business (nightclub, public place, restaurant etc.) to attract more customers. Yes, you can pay with YANU.
  3. YANU tokens on exchanges.
  4. Develop your own service robot on top of YANU network.
  5. Get considerable discounts on purchases and VIP status.
Q1 2016
Research and discussion with robots and software professionals.
Q3 2016
Extensive marketing research in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology and managers of the launch of the wise men (B2B accelerators)
Q1 2017
The first samples of the industrial design. Inclusion of industrial designers Janken WiseSpace, who created the visual effects and designed the customization of components. They have been tested by the Robotics Department at Tallinn University of Technology.
Q3 2017
Inclusion of the University of Tartu Robotics Department. Alvo Aablow, a technology professor, joined the Robolab team as the head of the research team.
Q1 2018
Signed development contracts. Created the main team and advisors for Robolab. Pre-sale robots YANU began in Europe. Attracted the first round of equity investments. Expanding a team of up to 12 people, including product engineers, software engineers, an artificial intelligence specialist, industrial designers, sales and marketing specialists, and blockchists. ICO planning and cooperation with the Estonian Encryption Association. First partnerships with nightclubs and bars.
Q2 2018
ICO planning and preparation. Launch the ICO website and open a white list for interested investors. YANU token private sale.
Q4 2018
Yana token pre-sale and public sale. Launch of the YANU token on decentralized exchanges.
Q1 2019
Created a technical infrastructure for the production of units Yang. Optimization of production. Get the YANU token for the first major exchange.
Q3 2019
Launch the first robots Yana in public places to gain broad access to end users. Launch global marketing campaigns. Get a YANU token for the second and third major exchange.
Q2 2020
The opening of the flagship of Jan in a large metropolis.
Q4 2020
Willingness to fully comply with the requirements of the units.

Alan adojaan

Alan adojaan
CEO & Marketing

Jan graps
Industrial Designer, Design team

Ken ruut
Industrial Designer, Design team

Alvo aabloo
CTO, Science team leader

Priit Kull
Engineer and construction specialist, Building team leader

Henrik aavik
Applaud, Application development team leader

Karl Kruusamäe
Ph.D. Associate professor, Tartu University, Robotics team

Teet tilk
Leading electronics and system design engineer

Kalle pruuden
Engineer and construction specialist, Building team leader

Kristjan Sild
CFO and Sales

Cedric simon
Sales Manager, Europe

Johannes kanter
Marketing team leader

Oliver raal
Marketing team

Eliise Siidirätsep
Community Manager

Ahmed helmi
Robotics team


Business development advisor

Technical Supervisor

Cryptocurrency advisor

Marketing and sales advisor

Legal advisor

ICO Advisor


This is a ico that is highly rated on the ico review site, they have a strong team, clear and transparent project along with detailed roadmap. In my opinion, this is a ico worth the investment. , so invest immediately

More information contact :
Website: https://yanu.ai/ico/
Whitepaper: https://yanu.ai/ico/Yanu_whitepaper_9aug.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YanuICO
Medium : https://medium.com/yanu-robot
Telegram: https://t.me/yanu_ai
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Yanu_ai
Author : upik05
Telegram Username : @upik05
BTT username : upik05
BTT Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2205131
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