YuTü.Co.in is a new platform dedicated to bringing back to YouTubers monetization through cryptocurrency. We offer opportunities to YouTube Channel Manager for “encode-crypto ” to their YouTube channel by creating their own cryptocurrency tokens to them. These coins can be traded for token Ethereum, named YuTüCoin (YTC), in our internal exchanges, which can then be traded in a number of exchanges out to ETH, BTC and whatever other couples that are available.

In addition to providing a new source of funding for the YouTuber, we also allow the opportunity for their fans to show their support by purchasing coins from their favorite YouTuber, or even mine coins directly. So, anyone can “invest ” in coin representing brands YouTube channel and exchanging them on the stock market.

In addition to the above, we provide all participating Channel Manager with their own page in our platform that they can use to sell merchandise, communicate with their fans, and hosts any content that they Select. In short, YuTü.Co.in aims to empower back many YouTuber who no longer qualify for the program YouTube monetization and provide an opportunity to fan them to “invest ” on their channel brand. and hosts whatever content they choose.

In short, YuTü.Co.in aims to empower back many YouTuber who no longer qualify for the program YouTube monetization and provide an opportunity to fan them to “invest ” on their channel brand. and hosts whatever content they choose. In short, YuTü.Co.in aims to empower back many YouTuber who no longer qualify for the program YouTube monetization and provide an opportunity to fan them to “invest ” on their channel brand.


Our mission is to give compensation to owners, particularly the YouTuber YouTube channel, for their content contributions, in the form of cryptocurrency. A small portion of video publishers currently qualify for monetization through various levels of the YouTube partnership program than ever before. This contributed to the exodus of generator quality content from YouTube. Anyone give up producing new video, disillusionment with their followers, and some are looking for a new platform that would fairly give compensation for their efforts and give them in return for entertainment that they bring into the lives of others.

YuTü.Co.in offers a unique solution to this problem that ignores traditional ways of monetization, known as crypto-komoditization. YuTü.Co. in allowing fans to contribute directly to YouTube with the way you “invest ” on their favorite YouTube channels, with each channel which participate represented by tokens of special crypto platform itself. The owner of a registered channel with YuTü.Co.in will receive a special part of this token, which produced similar to the method’s “mining ” classic that is used by all the currencies of crypto. This token can then be sold to our original cryptocurrency, YuTüCoin (YTC) (and later bitcoin and Aether) in bursa in-house YuTü.Co.in, for fans or investors who see “brand channels ” from YouTuber increases its value in the future. The end result is an extra income generated for the YouTube channel owner or investor advocates have signed up with YuTü.Co.in and buy a token of their channels.

The YuTu.Co.in Ecosystem

YouTubers – Token creation, sale and management, incentives.
Investors – Shares, decentralized platform exchange, premium content.
Platform – Decentralized exchange and tokens managed by smart contracts.

Benefits for Channel Owners

  • Independent Tokens for each Channel Owner: Your YouTube channel is crypto-commoditized and sold as shares to your fan base, invested supporters and users of the platform.
  • Integration with Video-Sharing Sites: You do not have to upload directly to the platform, you can share linked content with your subscriber base.
  • You Own Your Content: Upload your content on YouTube and elsewhere as we offer our resources to you pro-bono. We help you earn more money and enhance your brand while you concentrate on making awesome videos.
  • Zero Fees: YouTubers registered as Lynspinz incur zero fees when using any of YuTü.Co.in’s platform features.

Benefits for Investors

  • Access to exclusive content from your favorite YouTubers.
  • User-friendly – no previous experience required.
  • Receive crypto-commoditized shares representing your support for YouTubers.
  • Shares can be purchased or sold on our exchange. Participating YouTubers will be more inclined to advance their channel brands to appease shareholders. This, in turn, will increase token prices, of which they themselves own and continue to automatically gather.
  • Shop on the go – platform features soon to be available for mobile devices.
  • Voting rights. As shareholders, fans will have voting rights on any initiatives put forth by corresponding YouTubers.

How it Works

While the functions of YuTü.Co.in can be somewhat likened to that of a stock exchange (think:
NYSE, NASDAQ, or LSE), where each participating YouTube channel has “shares” that are actively
traded on an exchange, YuTü.Co.in also features a built-in IPO-like process for YouTube channel
owners, and shares are constantly being generated at a set rate through a mining mechanism
similar to how coins are generated by other cryptocurrencies.

Simply put, the mission of YuTü.Co.in is to provide producers of YouTube channels with a source of
income to which they might not otherwise have access, all revenue primarily raised directly from
YouTube channel fans (and supporters) themselves. For the purposes of adequately describing how YuTü.Co.in will work, we have developed a glossary of original terms (neologisms), which can be found at the bottom of this section.

Channel owner revenue can be generated via 2 different processes:

• A channel owner (Lynspinz) will be rewarded a number of PAQs (virtual miners) between 2
and 10, dependent on the number of subscribers their channel has, upon successful enrollment in YuTü.Co.in.Once registered, each PAQ will continually generate a predetermined amount of YuTüSharez which represent “virtual ownership” of a YouTube channel. These shares, also known as yaltz, can then be traded on an in-house exchange known as YTC-Sox (to be hosted on YuTü.Co.in’s own servers). Yaltz will be exchanged on YTC-Sox specifically for an Ethereum token known as YuTüCoin (YTC). YTC tokens can then be sold on outside exchanges for bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), or whatever coin YTC is being paired with on an exchange.

• A YuTü.Co.in user (yAltcoiner) may purchase yaltz directly from Lynspinz or the YTC-Sox exchange using YTC (purchased at a different exchange) for the purpose of showing their support for a participating YouTube channel owner (Lynspinz) or as an investment in the future success of the corresponding channel. Prices for both YTC and channel-specific yaltz will be purely market driven: yaltz prices determined by traders on the YTC-Sox exchange; YTC prices determined on other exchanges outside of YuTü.Co.in’s control or influence.

How to Join

There are 3 distinct categories of YuTü.Co.in membership, all of which require the creation of a
basic YuTü.Co.in login account and are granted access to standard features, such as access to the
YTC-Sox exchange, Lynspinz pages, PAQ and other relevant platform information. The 3 categories are YouTube Channel Owners (Lynspinz), PAQers (virtual miners, or dowzers), and Other Members (yAltcoiners). Registration as any member type is free and the only fees incurred will be nominal trading fees on YTC-Sox.

Token Sale

Token name: YuTüCoin

Token Symbol: YTC

Pre-ICO :

100M YTC – $0.05/YTC

Phase I (2 weeks):

20M YTC – $0.10/YTC

Phase II (1 week):

30M YTC – $0.15/YTC

Phase III (1 week):

50M YTC – $0.20/YTC

PAQ Purchase Price:


Minimum Purchase:

0.1 ETH

ICO Starts :

Saturday, September 15, 2018.

ICO Ends :

Saturday, October 13, 2018.

Unsold Tokens

All tokens not sold upon conclusion of the ICO will be burned, sending them to an Ethereum address to which the private keys are provably unknown.


2018 / Quarter-II
Team Recruitment, Company Formation, Concept & White Paper Development.

2018 / Quarter-III [1st Half]
Initial Project Marketing & Announcement, ICO Period, Press Kit Development.

2018 / Quarter-III [2nd Half]
Blockchain, Exchange & Platform Development, Promotional Activities with YouTube Community.

2018 / Quarter-IV
Platform, Blockchain Beta Launch, Start Listing of YTC on Exchanges.

2019 / Quarter-I
Resolution of Regulation & Compliance Issues, Official Platform Launch (incl. YTC-Sox and yAltcoin Blockchains).

2019 / Quarter-II
Expand Trading Pairs on YTC-Sox, Improvements to Platform UI/UX.

2019 / Quarter-III
Financial & Code Audits, Ecosystem Buildout, Third Party Wallet Integration, Mobile App Release.


In summation, YuTü.Co.in presents a brand new way to monetize YouTube channels and allow
users to show appreciation for content creators. The advent of decentralization through cryptocurrency allows for the bypassing of costly, traditional means of YouTuber revenue
generation, giving content creators better control over their ability to achieve monetization. YuTü.Co.in is designed for large and small YouTube channel owners alike, whether their channel
has minimal subscribers or 10,000,000. By creating their own, fully-customized brand of YuTüStock, channel owners can have a distributable, blockchain-based crypto-commodity representing a stake of “ownership” in their channel, which can then be bought and sold for crypto assets on an open market. YuTü.Co.in thus provides the means for re-empowerment of content creators at a critical time in YouTube history, of which is seeing less content eligible for monetization than ever before. In this way, YuTü.Co.in aspires to use blockchain innovation as originally intended by Satoshi Nakamoto: helping to level the financial playing field for the average player

More information contact :
Website: https://www.yutubopolis.com/
Whitepaper : https://www.yutubopolis.com/white-paper.pdf
Bounty Thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5028129.0
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yutucoin
Twitter: https://twitter.com/yutucoin
Telegram: https://t.me/YTCcommunity
Author : Upik05
BTT Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2205131
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